Avionics Companies Selects BIOS from General Software

General Software has been selected by top avionics companies Boeing, Thales Aviation, Panasonic Aviation, Astronautics and Raytheon to provide customized and specialized BIOS designs for a wide range of projects including security, in-flight entertainment, seat back LCDs and control panel displays, it was announced.

Along with industry-leading functionality including fast-boot, reliability and quality, General Software is recognized by the FAA and the avionics industry because it supplies full source code vs. binary, and its BIOS can be tailored and optimised for each individual adaptation.

“General Software is fast becoming a BIOS vendor of choice for companies involved in avionics electronics,” said Stuart Parker, Managing Director of SDC, European Distributor of General Software products. “These engineers require not only superior firmware technology, but also a BIOS that reduces risk, accelerates time-to-market, enables quick and reliable boot, and can be customized and ‘fine tuned’ for differentiated applications. General Software´s product range addresses these needs very well.”

General Software BIOSGeneral Software specializes in solving difficult implementation issues across myriad devices and applications including mobile PCs, medical, gaming, kiosks, point-of-sale, DVR, and commercial and military avionics.

With its recently released StrongFrame technology, targeted cores can be created for a wide range of applications. Unlike other firmware offerings, which have a centralized proprietary core and architectural modules for CPUs, chipsets, and other components underneath it, StrongFrame allows the core itself to be a pluggable module, enabling many cores to be supported within the same framework.

StrongFrame Technology then leverages proprietary programming of CPUs, chipsets, SIOs, whole boards, and other building blocks across all General Software’s specialized cores. The result is that the same set of silicon programming modules can be used across many unique applications. With StrongFrame Technology, OEMs can quickly produce and differentiate motherboards for multiple markets, saving money and time otherwise spent on having to independently build firmware for these markets.

SDC Systems will be exhibiting General Software BIOS products the Embedded Systems Show to be held at the NEC, Birmingham om the 17th and 18th October.

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