Vivace Announces VSP100 Development, Integration Systems

Vivace Semiconductor, a leader in digital media processing chips, announced availability of its VSP100 development and integration systems to assist customers and developers in accelerating their adoption of the company’s high-performance VSP100 media processing chip, which is optimized for consumer mobile applications. Vivace also announced enhanced product features that will be offered with the VSP100 to keep pace with rapid changes in the portable media and high-end display markets. These include support of up to D1 video standards at multiple resolutions and the addition of high performance input options for larger bitstreams.

Among the design aids available for customers to evaluate and begin system design around the VSP100 are:

  • VSP100 Software Integration Environment – a PC-based development environment for developing host application software
  • VSP100 Product Emulation Environment – an FPGA development environment used to integrate all system components
  • VSP100 Digital Media Developer – VSP100-based development board for advanced evaluation and product integration

“The VSP100 targets a very dynamic, fast-moving market and it is important that we offer complete solutions and support tools that allow customers and developers to quickly integrate our chips into their system design. These tools will enable designers to incorporate the VSP100 as a co-processor into new or existing designs,” said Cary Ussery, president and CEO of Vivace. “In addition, we’ve engaged market leaders as early customers who have helped us define the enhanced features that will position the VSP100 well in high-volume mobile applications.”

The VSP100 is specifically designed to address the high-volume portable video market by offering a cost-effective, high-quality video solution for portable media players, MP-4 players and other mobile products. The chip maximizes battery life by operating at low clock rates with advanced power management features, resulting in power dissipation less than half that of competing alternatives. The highly versatile chip allows OEMs and ODMS to quickly evolve current products to offer superior video capability. Unlike competing products that support one or two codecs, Vivace employs a unique approach using highly optimized DSPs to provide software-based codecs such as VC-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264/AVC, and Real Video.

VSP100 Product Development Environments
Vivace is offering a series of support tools to allow quick and easy development, debug, integration and test of hardware and software around the VSP100. Each of the environments comes with complete documentation for multiple reference designs, utilizing the VSP100 in a portable media player, digital TV player, and USB TV adapter.

“We look forward to the immediate expansion of the third party developer network for the Vivace Media Processor roadmap,” said Ussery. “Availability of the VSP100 development systems facilitates this expansion now.” Third party developers, value added distributors and customers can contact Vivace Semiconductor for complete details on the VSP100 environment and how to engage in design activity now.

Pricing and availability
Samples of the VSP100 media processor are expected to be available by December 2007. The VSP100 Software Integration Environment will be available in September 2007 and will range from $750-2000 depending on the PC hosting the environment. The VSP100 Product Emulation Environment will be available in September and will be priced at $2500-25,000 depending on whether it includes the VSP100 FPGA emulation board. The VSP100 Digital Media Developer will be available in December and will sell for $1500.

About Vivace
Vivace Semiconductor develops high-performance, low-power media processing chips that are optimized for the needs of high-growth consumer market segments. Its chips support a full range of video and audio standards, are based on the company’s proprietary ViViD(TM) Media engine and include a complete software suite for media processing and a fully programmable, open platform for additional software integration. Its initial product line is aimed at developers of portable media player, mobile TV and digital TV product developers. The company is based in Beijing, China.

Vivace and ViViD are trademarks of Vivace Semiconductor, Inc.