Gemini Data Loggers Launches Radio Data Logging System

Gemini Data Loggers, producers of the Tinytag data logger, is launching its first Radio Data Logging System based on a robust, easy to use, wireless ‘mesh’ network. The ‘mesh’ network operates using radio to send information directly to a central source. This takes away the inconvenience of manual downloading such as labour, health and safety issues, and time delays.

The system consists of a network of radio data loggers and a central receiver which is connected to a PC. The loggers can be up to 100 metres away from each other, and can transmit data back to the receiver through other loggers, hopping back the data to the receiver. This intelligent technology means that if a logger’s direct contact with the receiver is blocked, it can still transmit data back to the receiver through contact with neighbouring loggers. The system is very robust and lost data is a thing of the past.

The Tinytag Explorer software brings even more benefits; it is simple to collect data from each individual probe, logger, group of loggers or site. It is also possible to access the loggers over the internet or via an internal network connection, enabling the user to view data from multiple sites on one PC and reducing labour time and cost. It is also possible to create a variety of graphs, tables and charts simply from the software to use in presentations or reports.

Remote alarm signalling via e-mail is included and this can support SMS alerts which means that if there is a problem corrective action cab be taken even if there is no-one present at the site.

The Tinytag Wireless Data Logging System gives you fast, reliable and convenient access to your data. This new intelligence will save you both time and money, and ensure your data is as reliable as possible.

About Gemini Data Loggers
Gemini Data Loggers design and manufacture Tinytag; reliable, robust and battery powered data loggers. The loggers are available with a comprehensive range of sensors and features for use over a wide range of applications, sensor types include: temperature, humidity, voltage, current, vibration, shock and count. Gemini Data Loggers has an in-house calibration laboratory providing UKAS traceable certification.