Industria, Ikivo Team on SVG for Set-top Box, PC, Mobile TV

Industria, provider of innovative broadband TV and entertainment solutions, and Ikivo, pioneering leader in open standard SVG-based rich media solutions for mobile phones, have partnered to offer a new SVG-based user interface across Industria’s Zignal entertainment delivery suite for set-top box, PC and mobile TV services.

The partnership will enhance the user experience of the Zignal media-services software suite, enabling Zignal to run faster and smoother across devices ranging from set-top boxes to mobile phones. The partnership includes licensing of Ikivo technology to be used in Industria’s Zignal solutions, and complements the TV set-top box and web browser platforms already supported by Zignal.

Ikivo’s solutions provide Zignal with a powerful, lightweight and standard-compliant SVG user-interface platform. For Zignal, SVG technology provides a more elaborate way of applying animations and complex graphical representation across a wide range of user devices. This approach allows for easy authoring of compelling user interfaces that are truly scalable between devices with different capabilities.

“When broadcast entertainment is no longer just a TV experience but needs to scale to devices like mobile handsets and PC computers, it is important to identify best-of-breed partners like Ikivo for the important building blocks that really add value to our vision for experience design,” commented Gudjon Mar Gudjonsson, Industria’s CEO. “Boosting Zignal’s capabilities, especially in the world of Mobile TV, delivers on Industria’s promise of a coherent branding in a world of converging networks and services.”

“Following the success of scalable vector graphics in the mobile industry, and with SVG being the platform for standardised rich media application in mobile, it is only natural to leverage the technology and meet the increased demand in the segment of IPTV and set-top boxes. Ikivo is pleased to work with Industria to enable a better user experience in this growing market segment,” said Håkan Engman, Ikivo’s VP.

“The relationship with Ikivo allows us to remain true to our support of open standards and continue to build feature-rich applications on top of browser technology, to deliver a true TV experience on even limited end-user devices. The user interface to our-easy-to-integrate entertainment control platform, which is available for PCs, TVs and mobile devices, is now taken to the next level with the introduction of scalable vector graphics,” added CTO Stefan Baxter, Industria’s CTO.

About Industria
Industria is a leading total-broadband solutions provider and systems integrator involved in the design, implementation and operation of multi-play broadband networks for investment companies, utilities, property developers and telecommunication companies. The Industria range of turn-key products and services enables network owners to connect to a range of broadband services, including IPTV, video-on-demand, internet, telephony and security, and to other broadband services from varying service providers. With its suite of management software, Industria provides the software management systems to manage provision and drive network revenue. Industria is currently involved in cutting-edge broadband projects at a number of sites in Northern Europe and the British Isles.

About Ikivo
Ikivo AB is instrumental in driving industry standards and helping to shape the future of mobile rich media services worldwide. As a pioneer of software solutions for Mobile SVG, Ikivo is the leading supplier of standards based rich media solutions for mass market and OpenOS mobile phones. Its range of products, the Ikivo Enrich Product portfolio, empowers mobile device manufacturers, mobile operators and content creators to develop and deploy compelling rich media services. From content creation through to handset display, Ikivo’s solutions are used to support a wide range of mobile services from Interactive Mobile TV, Mobile portals and music. Ikivo is an active member of the W3C and Khronos Group.