Terocelo Lycon Chip Connects Any Wireless Handset to Any Cell Network

Open networks may be a nightmare to service providers and a pipe dream for hackers but with Terocelo technology it is a growing reality. If you choose to switch cell providers, you can keep your number but not your physical phone, leading hackers, such as George Hotz, to tinker with the phone’s wiring and chips to unlock it allowing it to work with other providers. In this case Hotz hacked the iPhone allowing it to be used on the T-Mobile Network.

The chip that LA-based Terocelo is developing is expected to enable one to keep the hardware (phone) and only require a simple protocol software download for the old cell phone to work properly on any other provider’s network.

This technology could pave the way for generic cell phones. Terocelo’s chip is called True Software Radio(TM) and it aims to enable direct device-to-device communication, even among otherwise incompatible wireless standards and formats, by incorporating a cost-effective transmitter/receiver/processor system on a computer chipset. It is designed to handle multiple frequency bands, process multiple transmission protocols, be reconfigured on the fly, and be easily and cost-effectively upgraded.

But this goes beyond cell phones being unleashed from individual carriers. Police, fire and other emergency agencies may be able to talk directly to each other regardless of their disparate radio systems. And this new technology could allow allied military forces to communicate directly with each other.

Now it is just up to the wireless industry to take advantage of it before the hackers take advantage of them.

About Terocelo
TechnoConcepts Inc. (OTCBB:TCPS)(Frankfurt:UYE.F) does business as Terocelo Inc. Terocelo is in the business of designing, developing, licensing and marketing technology focused in the communications marketplace. Terocelo is positioned in the high-growth, wireless communication market, having developed breakthrough, disruptive technologies. These technologies can be integrated into many high-volume commercial markets, including cell phone, automotive, base station, Femto/Pico Cell, and First Responder markets.

The company has developed and patented True Software Radio(R), a proprietary technology that creates convergence for the wireless industry. True Software Radio(R) has produced the Lycon(TM) family of wireless transmitter-receiver chipsets, designed to enable cell phones, PDAs, laptops, and infrastructure with different radio frequencies, standards, and protocols to adjust by software command so that they can communicate across otherwise incompatible networks, without the need for multiple radios. Lycon(TM) chipsets replace the front end, I/F processing, ADC, and digital filtering sections of radios. Because the technology simplifies design and reduces component costs, the company believes that Lycon(TM) and True Software Radio(R) are ideal platforms for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) to develop new wireless broadband, mobile data, cellular, and other next-generation wireless applications.