TOPSEC Selects RMI's Multi-Core Multi-Threaded XLR Processor

TOPSEC Ltd., the market share leader for Network Security Enterprise Systems in China, announced that it has selected Raza Microelectronics, Inc.(R) (RMI(R)), a worldwide leader in advanced semiconductor solutions for Communications, Networking and Consumer Applications, to provide multi-core, multi-threaded XLR Processor Family as the processor of choice for TOPSEC’s next generation of security appliances.

According to the 2006-2007 Report on China’s Network Security Market by CCID Consulting, a professional market research firm, TOPSEC’s market share for security and firewall products ranks it first among all of the security manufacturers in China. TOPSEC Ltd. security products include the NetGuardTM series of Firewall, Filter Gateway, IDS, VPN, anti-virus, auditing, and content-filter solutions. TOPSEC Ltd. established the interworking, comprehensive and manageable TOPSEC security solution integrated with various products, and central management and central auditing, to assure the high security of the clients’ network from boundary to desktop and from local area to wide area networks.

The selection of RMI’s XLR Processor validates the leadership position XLR maintains in both the Chinese market and the security appliance market and further indicates the need for the high-performance, high-throughput delivered by XLR. RMI’s XLR Processor Family provides the power of its innovative, multiprocessing, multithreaded architecture based on the simplicity of a leading edge, general purpose MIPS64 processor enabling wire speed, software-driven applications across multiple platforms.

“As the leader in the security appliance arena, we wanted to make sure that our processor partner is a technology leader and the XLR Processor from RMI fulfills that requirement for our next-generation products,” said Mr. Yabiao Wu, chief systems architect at TOPSEC Ltd., “The XLR Processor is an impressive device, and the programming ease that we have encountered, coupled with the high performance and the security functions, will allow us to strengthen our product portfolio and will enable us to continue our leadership position.”

“We are excited to work with TOPSEC Ltd. and the selection of the XLR Processor pushes our penetration into the security market even further,” said Lance L. Smith, vice president and general manager, Scalable Processor Solutions, at RMI. “The uniqueness of the XLR Processor Family gives TOPSEC Ltd. the scalable performance that it requires, and our pin-compatible solutions enable it to leverage the XLR across a variety of applications and products.”

The XLR Processor Family is a cost-effective, single-chip solution providing a key building block for next-generation, scalable multi-service systems. XLR is offered as a complete family of pin-compatible processors spanning performance and bandwidth to enable multiple applications with a single board design.

About TOPSEC Ltd.
As the leader in Chinese network security industry, Beijing TOPSEC is the largest domestic integrated provider of information security products and services. While focusing on conglomeration and internationalization, TOPSEC aspires to become a most competitive international enterprise in the field of information security.

About RMI
Raza Microelectronics, Inc. (RMI(R)) is a fabless semiconductor company providing highly-integrated feature-rich products ranging from power-optimized System-on-a-Chip (SoC) solutions to High-Performance Processors for the Digital Consumer, Wireless, Networking and Security markets. RMI offers the most advanced and most complete MIPS-Based(R) processing solutions with both 32/64-bit architectures supporting frequencies from 300MHz to 1.2GHz. The company is headquartered in Cupertino, CA with branch and subsidiary offices in Texas, India, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China.

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