VeriSilicon Debuts VZ.VoiceHQ Application Platform for VoIP Development

VeriSilicon Holdings Co., Ltd. (VeriSilicon), a leading world class ASIC design foundry and silicon solutions provider, announced the VZ.VoiceHQ application platform targeting the rapidly growing IP phone market. Based on the ZSP400 processor, whose architecture occupies the market leadership position in the IP Phone market, VZ.VoiceHQ provides a turnkey platform that includes a go-to-market reference design and voice/call management software to dramatically accelerate IP Phone development for consumer or office products.

VeriSilicon and its solutions partner, Encore Software Ltd., have combined an unprecedented number of features into the VZ.VoiceHQ platform to address the product and cost requirements for the evolving IP Phone market. For lowest BOM, developers can select a single DSP processor system based on the ZSP400 architecture to run all the necessary VoIP functions as well other network-layer and control software such as SIP and RTP. Alternatively, developers can select a dual-processor option that would include the ARM-based NXP LPC2378 to handle non-voice tasks and other end-product features that may be required.

The VZ.VoiceHQ includes a full assortment of field-proven voice processing, VZ.Voice, and call management software:

  • G.711, G.729AB, G.723.1, G.726, G.722, G.722.1, G.722.2
  • G.168 Line Echo Canceller
  • DTMF Detection / Generation
  • Call Progress Tone Generation
  • Narrowband AEC (8-128 ms)
  • Call Progress Tone Detection
  • Caller ID Generation/Detection
  • Voice Activity Detection (VAD)
  • RTP/Adaptive Jitter Buffer
  • Comfort Noise Generation
  • Comfort Noise Generation
  • Packet Loss Concealment
  • T.38 Fax Relay
  • T30 / Group 3 Fax Support
  • SIP (RFC 3261)
  • Wideband AEC

All the above software modules run on the ZSP400 processor and corresponding reference silicon (including VSI403LP, VSI403US, VSI407LP, VSI407US) and include advanced voice technology, such as AMR-WB and AEC/WB.

The VZ.VoiceHQ supports a broad number of user features that one would expect for an IP Phone. For example: originate/terminate SIP voice calls, Caller ID display, call blocking/hold/retrieve/waiting/mute, 3-party conference, speakerphone, remote configuration, instant messaging.

“We are very excited to work with VeriSilicon and offer our technologies as part of the VZ.VoiceHQ application platform,” said Vasuki M.P., VP of Technology Solutions Group at Encore. “Not only does the platform provide a feature-rich, cost-effective starting point for a high-end high-quality IP Phone, but also shows how our technologies could be easily extended to similar markets.”

“The VZ.VoiceHQ is another important product introduction for VeriSilicon and demonstrates our commitment to develop comprehensive application solutions for various market segments,” said Federico Arcelli, Corporate VP of Worldwide Sales & Marketing. “The VZ.VoiceHQ application platform and production options provide system developers multiple paths to market while lowering development cost and risk versus alternative solutions. Customers have been leveraging our voice systems integration expertise for years, and our field-proven and quality-certified voice technologies have successfully been deployed in millions of units worldwide.”

Voice developers may choose from a number of solution options for the VZ.VoiceHQ platform. The reference design, software, and reference silicon is available from VeriSilicon, and Encore Software Ltd., enabling fast time-to-market. Alternatively, developers may also license the ZSP and voice software stand-alone or enlist VeriSilicon Turnkey Services to customize the VSI403LP or the VZ.VoiceHQ platform for their application.

About VeriSilicon
VeriSilicon Holdings Co., Ltd (“VeriSilicon”) is a fast growing silicon solutions company providing products and services that enable customers to meet their chip design objectives, accelerate development programs and deliver market proven silicon products – on time and at lower cost. VeriSilicon specializes in providing expert design services, market leading ZSP(R) licensable cores and platforms, industry standard semiconductor IP and scalable ASIC turnkey services across a broad range of application markets, including multimedia, voice and wireless communications. VeriSilicon has design, operation and sales and support offices in Santa Clara, California, Dallas, Texas, Shanghai and Beijing, China, Taipei, Taiwan, Tokyo, Japan, Nice, France and Seoul, Korea.

About Encore
Encore Software Ltd., is a product development company, based in Bangalore, India. Encore’s software products include licensable VOIP software modules, DSP based vocoders and soft modems. Apart from licensing the components, Encore possesses the expertise to deliver a complete product design solution for OEMs targeting the VOIP product market. The company has been shipping the various software modules to customers in Japan, China, US, Israel, Europe for more than ten years.