KCEI to Resell Concurrent ImaGen, iHawk Solutions in South Korea

Concurrent (NASDAQ:CCUR), a leading provider of real-time Linux(R) operating systems, software and integrated computer solutions for mission-critical applications, announced that KCEI Co. Ltd. (KCEI) has been named an authorized Value-Added Reseller in South Korea for Concurrent ImaGen(TM) visual servers and iHawk(TM) real-time multiprocessing solutions. ImaGen and iHawk platforms feature Concurrent’s RedHawk(TM) Linux(R) real-time operating system and software tools.

Concurrent’s commercial off-the-shelf ImaGen servers provide multiple channels of state-of-the-art visualization and graphics performance. Featuring the latest PCIe graphics technology, ImaGen servers can be connected to Concurrent iHawk host multiprocessors to provide a complete training system platform with the highest levels of computer-generated image quality and fidelity.

At the heart of each ImaGen visual server and iHawk system is Concurrent’s RedHawk Linux. Compatible with the popular Red Hat(R) Linux distribution, RedHawk is the ideal Linux solution for a broad range of deterministic applications such as modeling, simulation, data acquisition and industrial control. RedHawk provides the guaranteed event response needed to maximize image display determinism and real-time performance in mission-critical solutions.

“KCEI thoroughly tested Concurrent’s ImaGen visual server to ensure its features fully address the needs of the South Korean market,” said Hyun Joon Ko, president, KCEI Co. Ltd. “Our decision to resell Concurrent’s products was based on our evaluation findings combined with Concurrent’s proven performance as a solid supplier of real-time solutions over the years.”

“We are delighted and honored to team with KCEI, a pioneer in the development and deployment of virtual reality technology in the region,” said Kong Keong Tay, Vice President, Concurrent China Operations. “We look forward to working closely with KCEI to expand our joint business and will strive to deliver the very best in image generation solutions and beyond to our customers.”

Established in 1982, KCEI conducts research and development on the area of M&S including visual simulation fields. KCEI has been working as an exclusive distributor with many companies belonging to the Solution Group for over 15 years. The solution Group including Presagis has the greatest market share in Korea. KCEI participated in the public projects by the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Energy and Military purpose simulator development in the early 1990. Our engineering team has over 10 years of experience with outstanding skills and expertise in today’s demanding market of visual simulation. KCEI is endeavoring to master the most quality service and marketing of products.

About Concurrent
Concurrent (NASDAQ: CCUR) is a leading provider of high-performance, real-time Linux software and solutions for commercial and government markets. For 40 years Concurrent’s best-of-breed products have enabled a range of time-critical solutions including: modeling and simulation, high speed data acquisition, visual imaging, low latency transaction processing and on-demand television. Concurrent’s on-demand television applications are utilized by major service providers in the cable and IPTV industries to deliver video-on-demand (VOD) and, through subsidiary company Everstream, measure the effectiveness of interactive television. Concurrent is a global company with regional offices in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, and has products actively deployed in more than 24 countries. Concurrent’s products and services are recognized for being uniquely flexible, comprehensive, robust and reliable.