Aonix ObjectAda for Windows V8.4 Supports Vista, .NET 2005

Aonix(R), a provider of solutions for safety- and mission-critical applications, announced the release of ObjectAda for Windows V8.4. ObjectAda for Windows, the most popular commercial Ada development solution for Windows platforms, provides a complete enterprise-level environment for the development of Windows applications using the Ada programming language. This latest release now enables development on the Microsoft Windows Vista platform and lets developers use ObjectAda with the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005 tools. ObjectAda for Windows also plugs seamlessly into the Eclipse environment.

ObjectAda for Windows 8.4 includes the comprehensive Ada libraries needed for calling Windows Win32 and the Visual C++ .NET 2005 MFC interfaces from application source code written in Ada. In ObjectAda for Windows, these Ada binding libraries are fully compatible with the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005 tools and libraries. ObjectAda for Windows can either be used standalone or in combination with the Visual Studio .NET 2005 compilers and the latest Windows Platform SDK. ObjectAda for Windows generates symbolic debugging information compatible with the Visual Studio .NET 2005 debugger and thereby enables debugging of complex applications written in multiple languages, such as C/C++ and Ada.

“ObjectAda for Windows V8.4 builds on the strengths of this product evident from its inception,” noted Dave Wood, vice president of marketing at Aonix. “Its strengths are an easy-to-use development environment, excellent compiler performance, and capacity to support development of large and complex mission-critical applications. This latest release enables customers to use ObjectAda in combination with the current suite of Visual Studio .NET 2005 compilers and tools from Microsoft and use the Windows Vista platform for the long-term evolution and maintenance of mission-critical applications.”

In addition to the basic compiler development package, an upgrade package called ObjectAda Project Pack contains AdaJNI, an interface to call Java(TM) programs from Ada, and the AdaNav(TM) toolset, which provides complete system HTML source-navigation capabilities as well as call- and unit-tree graphical reporting and automatic data dictionary generation. The AdaNav profiler also offers run-time performance reporting to identify application hot spots.

ObjectAda for Windows gives developers the choice between the traditional Aonix IDE for development and the new AonixADT(TM) Eclipse plug-in. Geared to maximize developer ease and efficiency, AonixADT incorporates Ada-project awareness, an Ada-language sensitive editor, Ada-language compile and build capabilities, and a complete Ada debugger interface, enabling Ada developers to enjoy state-of-the-art interface capabilities.

Shipping and Availability
ObjectAda for Windows is immediately available. Prices range from $1,500 to $3,000 for a single seat license depending on bundle options. Quantity discounts are available.

About Aonix(R)
Aonix offers mission- and safety-critical solutions primarily to the military and aerospace, telecommunications and transportation industries. Aonix delivers the leading high-reliability, real-time embedded virtual machine solution for running Java(TM) programs deployed today and has the largest number of certified Ada applications at the highest level of criticality. Headquartered in San Diego, CA and Paris, France, Aonix operates sales offices throughout North America and Europe in addition to offering a network of international distributors.

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