Signametrics Reduces Price on 7-1/2 Digit Digital Multimeter

Signametrics announces a price cut on its 7-1/2 digit model 2060 Digital Multimeters. They are now offered at $1,295. With this lower price comes a significant improvement in measurement speed to 4,500 readings per second. Users requiring even more speed can use the 2064 models with their 20,000 readings per second.

The throughput of a test system is limited by the time it takes a DMM to change functions, change ranges and make a measurement. The 2060 changes measurement functions in less than 20ms, which is about 10 times faster than its predecessors, and its competitors. Fast RMS capability provides high throughput on VAC readings. These features make the 2060 the perfect multimeter for a variety of production test applications. New functions added also include capacitance and RTD temperature measurements.

“The SM/SMX2060 now provides customers a high-speed, high-performance digital multimeter at a competitive price” said Tee Sheffer, President of Signametrics. “No other PCI or PXI Multimeter comes close to providing the speed, accuracy, and reliability of the SM/SMX2060 series multimeters, let alone the price.”

Signametrics Model 2060 7-1/2 Digit Digital MultimeterThe plug-in format of the 2060 provides tighter integration with the PC than bench top models, while saving valuable space. The 2060 also includes a frequency counter with timing measurement capability, potentially saving the user from adding another instrument to their system.

The SM2060 software installation is simple. It uses less then ten megabytes of disk space, and works with a wide variety software platforms, from LabVIEW, Mat Lab, Excel, Visual Basic, C, to .NET. Signametrics prefers to let the customer choose which software package they want, rather than locking users into a particular software package.

About Signametrics
Signametrics pioneered the plug-in Digital Multimeter category in 1990 and continues to lead this market with advanced features, and ever increasing accuracy. Signametrics’ current products are dedicated to PCI, PXI, and VXI Test and Measurement systems. Signametrics DMMs range in price from $795 to $2,195 depending on capability. Signametrics also offers instrumentation quality switching products. All Signametrics products are manufactured in the USA. Visit Signametrics website for more information about their Digital Multimeters and LCR Meters.

Price and Availability
The price for the SM2060 and SMX2060 is $1,295, starting September 1st, 2007. Availability is one week from placement of purchase order.