SMSC Launches Closed-Loop Fan Controllers, Temperature Sensors

SMSC (Nasdaq: SMSC) announced the introduction of its new family of fan controllers, the EMC210x family, with four new devices (EMC2103, EMC2104, EMC2105 and EMC2106) featuring technologies that employ RPM closed-loop control and manage multiple temperatures. In addition, SMSC is launching three new SMBus temperature sensors (EMC1046, EMC1047 and EMC1428) for systems requiring a high level of temperature monitoring. All of these devices are designed for smaller geometries, such as 45nm, that are typically associated with this level of monitoring and are used in flat screen TV, PC, printer and server applications.

“Given that our customers require reliability and control when designing sophisticated applications, SMSC is adding more features with even more functionality to its broad portfolio of thermal monitoring solutions,” said Mark Beadle, Product Line Director of Analog Products and Technologies at SMSC. “With this release, SMSC now has 18 devices that measure temperature using the transistor model, which is key in measuring 45nm processors accurately. SMSC’s newest fan controllers and temperature sensors will also help our customers get their products to market quickly and efficiently.”

Advanced Fan Control
To reduce design time and prototype validation time, SMSC’s fan control ICs provide increased reliability to a system’s thermal management by shifting the role of constant supervision off of the microprocessor. Once configured, alerts bring only those events requiring action to the attention of the host processor. Lower acoustic noise is also a benefit of SMSC’s fan control IC. Fan spin up, restriction over sudden changes in fan speed and tracking fan speed to temperature can all be accomplished without extensive software overhead, development or constant processing.

The new EMC210x fan controllers all employ closed-loop RPM control schemes to significantly improve control of the fan speed versus open-loop fan drive methods. By measuring the fan speed with a closed-loop, fan control set points are met with five percent or better accuracy. The fan speed is also maintained over the life of the product. This is essential because an aging fan will change its response to a given drive signal over time. Lastly, resonant or vibration speeds can be avoided in enclosures.

SMSC’s family of fan controllers have increasing levels of hardware management that meet the system shutdown and temperature measurement needs of most systems. These devices serve various application and system requirements including those that need greater integration. The EMC2105 and EMC2106 offer linear fan drivers that integrate the field effect transistor (FET) from the system and are capable of driving up to 600mA. The EMC2103 and EMC2105 are well suited for one-fan systems. Alternatively, the EMC2104 and EMC2106 can drive two fans by applying a second pulse width modulation (PWM) signal. This signal can also be used for other applications such as screen brightness or a LED driver.

In addition, the EMC210x family’s temperature measurement technology is compatible with the latest generation of processor geometries, including 45nm. This includes Automatic Beta Compensation that will detect the requirements of a thermal diode and self configure the measurement attributes for an accurate reading. Additionally, there is Resistance Error Correction that adjusts for common series resistance found in substrate diodes and traces that would otherwise lead to measurement error.

SMBus Temperature Sensing
SMSC’s temperature sensors employ highly accurate measurement techniques allowing for 1º Celsius accuracy. The latest in SMSC’s line of sensors, the EMC1046, EMC1047 and EMC1428, are optimized to fit into smaller packages than normally associated with the number of measurements they take. This is done by use of Anti-parallel Diodes, a technique exclusive to SMSC, allowing two remote diodes to be measured with two pins. In this way, expanding the measurement points does not require a different footprint or board layout.

These new temperature sensors and fan controllers all contain Automatic Beta Compensation that meet Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) or transistor model measurement standards necessary for cutting edge geometries. Additionally, the devices have Resistance Error Correction. Used together, these technologies save validation and characterization time in the design cycle allowing for a quicker time to market.

Availability and Pricing
Samples of the EMC210x family are available today and range in price from $1.20 to $1.80 per unit. Samples of the SMBus temperature sensors, also available now, range in price from $1.00 to $1.40 per unit. Pricing is based on 10K quantities.

About SMSC
Many of the world’s most successful global technology companies rely upon SMSC as a go-to resource for semiconductor system solutions that span analog, digital and mixed-signal technologies. Leveraging substantial intellectual property, integration expertise and a comprehensive global infrastructure, SMSC solves design challenges and delivers performance, space, cost and time-to-market advantages to its customers. SMSC’s application focus targets key vertical markets including consumer electronics, automotive infotainment, PC and industrial applications. The Company has developed leadership positions in its select markets by providing application specific solutions such as mixed-signal system controllers, non-PCI Ethernet, ARCNET, MOST and Hi-Speed USB. SMSC is headquartered in Hauppauge, New York with operations in North America, Asia and Europe. Engineering design centers are located in Arizona, New York, Texas and Karlsruhe, Germany.

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