Ardence Adds Vista Support to RTX 8.0 Real-Time Extension for Windows

Ardence, a Citrix Company, announced the release of Version 8.0 of RTX(R), its market-leading, real-time extension for Windows(R), and application software development tool suite. V8.0 supplements existing RTX functionality by supporting the Windows Vista operating system and Windows Vista for Embedded Systems.

RTX 8.0 supports Vista on single-processor and multi-processor (MP) systems as MP dedicated, and also supports Windows 2003 SP2 for MP dedicated.

“OEMs have numerous platform options and Ardence is focused on supporting as many of those options as possible. It was imperative that RTX be Vista-ready as soon as possible. RTX 8.0 complements Vista’s capabilities and functionality by making Vista more reliable, responsive, and deterministic. No other product ensures better Vista performance. Plus, RTX allows OEMs to take advantage of multi-core architectures for compute-intensive applications,” said Stephen Woodard, Ardence Vice President and Product Line Executive for Embedded Products.

In addition to support for Vista, RTX 8.0 has many new RT-TCP/IP enhancements and tools. New RT-TCPIP utilities allow users to display the local computer network configuration as well as to display and modify the address-translation and network-routing tables. RTX 8.0 also assists users in performing network diagnostics and in testing the ability to reach specific destinations.

RTX 8.0 provides support for zero-copy MAC Ethernet filters, as well as two new Ethernet controllers, one from Intel and one from National Semiconductor.

Ardence RTX 8.0 is available immediately by contacting the Embedded sales department at 781.647.3000.

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Ardence, a Citrix Company, develops software platforms for the on-demand world. The Ardence Software-Streaming Platform increases IT agility by delivering operating systems and applications on-demand from the network to desktops, servers and devices. The Ardence Embedded OEM Development Platform delivers market-leading operating system control capabilities that enable OEMs to increase system performance and manageability.

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