Tundra Tsi568A Serial RapidIO Switch Interconnects DSPs for Huawei

Tundra Semiconductor Corporation (TSX: TUN ), a global leader in System Interconnect, has been selected by Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. (Huawei), a leader in providing next generation telecommunications network solutions for operators around the world, to provide Serial RapidIO(R) Switches to enable Huawei’s next generation production systems.

Huawei selected Tundra’s first-to-market Serial RapidIO Switch because the solution solved their design requirement to cluster many Digital Signal Processor’s (DSPs) while keeping processor overhead at an industry-low. Tundra’s Tsi568A(TM) Switch offers high inter-processor bandwidth, with up to 10 Gbps per link. Tundra’s Tsi568A is the ideal solution for Huawei’s design as it offers; low power at 120-200mW per port, a large port count with 16×1 solution in a small 27x27mm form factor, as well as ports individually configurable by width and speed to optimize intra component connectivity.

“Tundra’s scalable Serial RapidIO solution is the best fit for Huawei’s next generation system. Our design team will work closely with Tundra’s engineering team to bring industry-leading high speed Gigabit serial interconnection to this new design. Huawei continues to choose global leading partners to ensure our products are highly competitive with superior technologies,” said Mr. Marking Wangxiangjong, Huawei, Product Design Team Leader.

“We are proud to work with Huawei on their new next generation designs. Tundra is committed to the expanding China market and we are pleased to partner with global leaders such as Huawei to bring new technologies to the industry,” said Daniel Hoste, President and Chief Executive Officer, Tundra Semiconductor. “Tundra is the global leader in Serial RapidIO and our first-to-market Tsi568A Switch is backed by Tundra’s world-class design support, development platforms, tools and customer support,” continued Hoste. “We are pleased to have Huawei join our family of Tier 1 Serial RapidIO customers who we have enabled solutions for in the Video and Wireless Markets.”

Launched in February 2005 , the Tsi568A is a high performance switch with patent-pending technology that delivers the performance, power and configurability that embedded designers need to build reliable, high performance RapidIO-based systems, such as wireless base stations. Based on the Serial RapidIO Specification, the Tsi568A incorporates SerDes functionality, error recovery, priority-based and table-based fabric routing and high payload efficiency. This switch interconnects Serial RapidIO-enabled processors and peripheral devices, supporting an aggregate bandwidth of 80 Gigabits per second. Ideally suited for a broad spectrum of wireless, video, and networking applications, designers can take advantage of the switch’s multiple port width and speed configuration options to efficiently manage power requirements.

About Huawei Technologies
Huawei Technologies is a leader in providing next generation telecommunications network solutions for operators around the world. The company is dedicated to providing innovative and customized products, services and solutions to create long-term value and potential growth for its customers. Huawei’s products and solutions are deployed in over 100 countries and serve 31 of the world’s top 50 operators, as well as over one billion users worldwide.

About Tundra
Tundra Semiconductor Corporation (TSX:TUN) supplies the world’s leading communications, computing and storage companies with smart System Interconnect products, intellectual property (IP) and design services backed by world-class customer service and technical support. Tundra’s track record of product leadership includes over a decade of bridges and switches enabling key industry standards: RapidIO(R), PCI, PCI-X, PCI Express(R), PowerPC(R), VME, HyperTransport(TM), Interlaken, and SPI4.2. Tundra’s products deliver high functional quality and simplified board design and layout, with specific focus on system level signal integrity. Tundra’s design services division, Silicon Logic Engineering, Inc., offers industry-leading ASIC and FPGA design services, semiconductor intellectual property and product development consulting. Tundra’s smart technology connects critical components in high performance embedded systems around the world.

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