Innovative Card Technologies, Emue Win Award for Authentication Device

Innovative Card Technologies (NASDAQ:INVC) and Emue Technologies, co-developers of the breakthrough Credit Card Embedded Authentication Device for secure online and phone banking, announced that “Info Security Products Guide,” a Silicon Valley Communications publication and the world’s leading publication on security-related products and technologies, has named the Credit Card Authentication Device a winner of the 2007 Tomorrow’s Technology Today Award. This prestigious award recognizes security vendors with ground-breaking security solutions that are setting the pace for security innovation in their respective industries.

“By leveraging InCard’s superior technical experience we have been able to create a world first device that combines payment card and authentication technologies in a single device that consumers can carry in their wallets,” said Brendan McKeegan, CEO of Emue Technologies. “We believe our solution, which incorporates multiple transaction signing and authentication capabilities, is unique in its ability to mitigate the full range of threats across multiple business channels.”

The Credit Card Embedded Authentication Device features a 12-button keypad and embedded alphanumeric display and microprocessor, integrated into standard payment card form. The card has a number of authentication ‘modes’ for use in online, phone, or ATM transactions. For example, a user can enter their secret PIN into the card’s keypad to receive a numeric passcode for one-time use. To authorize a banking transaction, the passcode is entered into an interface and instantly validated by an authentication server. This process removes the need to enter a PIN into an unsecure device such as a web browser.

“In order to be selected as winners of the prestigious 2007 Tomorrow’s Technology Today award, Innovative Card Technologies and Emue Technologies have demonstrated a deep-rooted commitment to solving security issues,” says Rake Narang, editor-in-chief, Info Security Products Guide. “The Credit Card Authentication Device stands out as a superior security technology in combating today’s threats, as well as featuring the adaptability and foresight to take on the unknown threats of tomorrow.”

“We are pleased that the editors of Info Security Products Guide have recognized the Credit Card Authentication Device as a top innovation in deterring card-not-present financial fraud, all in a card that is conveniently carried in the user’s wallet,” said John A. Ward, III, Chairman and CEO of Innovative Card Technologies.

About Emue Technologies
Emue is a privately held company specializing in a range of solutions designed to prevent identity theft across the entire fraud threat spectrum.

About Innovative Card Technologies
Innovative Card Technologies (NASDAQ: INVC) was founded in 1993 to add functionalities to payment cards. InCard’s suite of ICT DisplayCards enable dual-factor authentication in a convenient card form. The cards can be configured to offer RFID physical access or payment capabilities, and feature a screen powered by an integrated battery, circuit, and switch. This screen displays a one-time password to verify the presence of the card during online and voice transactions or data systems login.

About Info Security Products Guide Awards
Info Security Products Guide, a founding member of the Technology Industry Leadership Council, sponsors leading conferences and expos worldwide and plays a vital role in keeping end-users informed of product choices for protecting their digital resources. You will discover a wealth of information in this guide including tomorrow’s technology today, best deployment scenarios, people and technologies shaping info security and independent product evaluations that facilitate the most pertinent security decisions. The Info Security Products Guide Awards recognize and honor excellence in all areas of information security.