QuickLogic Adds AES, Digital Rights Management to IP Library

QuickLogic(R) Corporation (NASDAQ: QUIK), the leader in lowest power programmable solutions, announced it has added a suite of digital rights management (DRM) security functions, including AES encryption, to the library of IP available for its programmable connectivity platforms. The technology greatly enhances time to market and time in market for handheld electronics products. It allows developers to extend the capability of their chosen embedded systems processor with both the security and peripheral interfaces they need, via a single low power consumption IC.

Proprietary and patented semiconductor fabrication technology ensures that secret keys embedded into the device are effectively immune to reverse engineering, providing an ideal solution for securing digital media over the broad range of fast-growing consumer electronics applications such as portable media players, smart phones, and navigation devices.

A typical solution that QuickLogic implements for applications might be a cryptographic function such as AES encryption combined with high-speed USB 2.0 OTG and SD memory controller interfaces. Further cryptographic functions available in QuickLogic’s library include hashing functions, DES and Triple DES. Key lengths as long as 256 bits, or more, may be embedded securely into a device. Other forms of DRM such as CPRM can be added to the library quickly.

This ability to provide DRM security combined with other functions means that major real-estate and bill-of-material cost savings can be made by developers of handheld products compared with dedicated DRM ICs, or volatile forms of programmable logic that require separate SRAM configuration devices and a backup battery. Package choices for QuickLogic’s programmable platforms include 6 x 6 mm BGA.

QuickLogic offers a range of innovative platforms for use with embedded systems processors, offering technology ranging from low power programmable logic fabric, to logic combined with dedicated functions. These programmable platforms allow the creation of types of devices that QuickLogic terms Customer Specific Standard Products or CSSPs. CSSP combines the proven functionality of application specific standard products, with the customer-specific functionality of ASICs, to deliver solutions that meet integration and customization requirements within days rather than months.

The ultra-secure nature of QuickLogic’s patented fabrication process technology has been used in many sensitive defense related applications. QuickLogic has a strong security chain in place to protect secret keys during device manufacturing.

About QuickLogic
QuickLogic Corporation (NASDAQ: QUIK) is the leading provider of the lowest power programmable solutions for the portable electronics, industrial, communications and military markets. Our latest products, ArcticLink(TM), PolarPro(TM), Eclipse II(TM) and QuickPCI(TM), are being used to CE-ATA-based disk drives. QuickLogic’s proprietary ViaLink(R) technology offers significant benefits for programmable logic, including the lowest power, instant on capability and bulletproof intellectual property security. The company is located at 1277 Orleans Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1138.

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