Unify Rolls Out SQLBase 11 Self-Recovering Embeddable Database

Unify Corp. (OTCBB:UFYC), a global provider of application modernization software to enable Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), announced the availability of SQLBase(R) 11. Building on its strength as a fully transactional, self-recovering embedded database, SQLBase 11 provides customers with a dramatic increase in concurrency, scalability and reporting performance.

SQLBase 11 boasts increased scalability from single-user laptops to servers supporting hundreds of users, provides an automatic and seamless upgrade from previous versions and delivers automatic key generation, which provides easier maintenance for ISV customers. SQLBase 11 continues to be popular with ISVs due to its small footprint, embeddability, and easy deployment and backup.

“SQLBase 11 delivers the features and requirements our customers asked for, resulting in one of the most scalable, reliable and high performance embedded databases available on the market,” said Todd Wille, CEO of Unify. “The demand for self-contained packaged or desktop applications and better, faster, lower-cost information is driving growth in the market for low TCO, no DBA required, ‘embed it and forget it’ databases. Addressing this opportunity is the sweet spot for SQLBase 11.”

SQLBase 11 features new locking models that significantly increase database transaction and reporting throughput. Industry standard benchmark TPC-C testing performed internally on SQLBase 11 demonstrated a 2.6 times increase in transaction throughput and accelerated reporting by a factor of seven due to new page versioning technology. The increased performance of SQLBase 11 allows customers to scale their databases and applications without moving to a more expensive, resource intensive, enterprise data management system. SQLBase 11 also provides unique support for quick identification and resolution of application deadlocks for superior database concurrency.

With over one million installations worldwide, SQLBase 11 will provide IT customers and partners with increased transparency, ease of administration and lower overall development and deployment costs. For customers with the requirement to integrate and share data among geographically dispersed and heterogeneous databases, an add-on to SQLBase for real-time synchronization and replication is available. SQLBase 11 also adds support for the Microsoft(R) Vista Operating System.

SQLBase 11 is immediately available on the Windows and Linux platforms. A free evaluation download is available.

About Unify
Unify is a global provider of application modernization software that enables Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). Unify enables organizations to modernize mission critical applications while maximizing its legacy investments throughout the enterprise. Unify’s enterprise software portfolio enhances SOA environments by improving application time-to-market metrics, increasing collaboration and service-enabling legacy information. Headquartered in Sacramento, Calif., Unify has offices in London, Munich, Paris and Sidney.