NEC Rolls Out Power MOSFETs with Ultra-Low On-State Resistance

NEC Electronics America, Inc. introduced the newest additions to its NP Series of low-voltage power MOSFETs with ultra-low on-state resistance [RDS(on)]. Featuring an innovative fabrication process and advanced packaging solution, the new NP160N040TUG and NP160N04TDG devices are designed to reduce leakage current, efficiently manage heat dissipation and enable one of the industry’s lowest on-state resistances, 2.0 milliohms (maximum). The new power MOSFETs are ideal for applications such as automotive systems, low-voltage DC motor controllers and uninterruptible power supplies, where high current capability, stringent power management and reliability are required.

“As the demand for power management devices increases, we are seeing some key challenges emerge, including the challenge to produce smaller cell sizes that can reduce overall chip costs and the challenge to lower RDS(on) for better handling of heat dissipation,” said Bart Ladd, general manager, standard solutions strategic business unit, NEC Electronics America. “Thanks to a combination of advanced architecture and packaging, NEC Electronics’ new NP Series MOSFETs can help designers overcome these challenges.”

The new NP160N04 MOSFETs are manufactured with NEC Electronics’ UMOS-4 process in a trench configuration that achieves an ultra-fine design rule of 0.25 microns and results in higher cell density, up to 160 million cells per square inch, which enables designers to lower RDS(on) over a given area of silicon. The devices also feature NEC Electronics’ advanced TO-263 packaging, which uses a unique multi-bonding technology that doubles the number of bonding wires from two to four, limiting RDS(on) while improving the MOSFETs’ current-carrying capabilities and ability to manage high currents.

The NP160N04TUG operates at a gate voltage (VGS) of 10 volts (V) and a drain voltage (VDSS) of 40V, while the NP160N04TDG operates at 5 and 10V VGS and 40V VDSS.

The NP Series is part of NEC Electronics America’s lineup of low-voltage switching devices that provides efficient power management in high-frequency power supplies in automotive systems, motor controllers, office equipment, robotics devices, and uninterruptable power supplies.

Pricing and Availability
The NP160N040 power MOSFETs in RoHS-compliant packages are available now in 1,000-unit quantities, with pricing starting at $1.85 each in low volumes. Pricing and availability are subject to change.

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