DVS Spycer Provides Optimal SAN Data Management

With its Spycer(R) software, DVS gives DVS-SAN users optimal control over data stored on a SAN. This new software solution creates a transparent system that supports quick searching of a DVS-SAN in a SpycerNet and accelerated copying processes. This Spycer(R) version – specially customized for DVS-SAN – supports the ADIC file system SNFS, which is used in DVS-SAN. A defragmenter enables the descattering of file sequences and defragments free SAN memory. All functions of the innovative Spycer(R) data manager, such as renaming or editing metadata, are also available in this Spycer(R) version.

The resulting software kit is supplied free of charge with every new DVS-SAN and to all existing users of this storage system. It consists of the data management software along with dongles with a corresponding Spycer(R) license and five Spycer(R) network licenses. With it, the users can benefit optimally from the intelligent and distributed data management system.

Spycer(R) is a standalone content management application that simplifies the handling of large amounts of video data and related metadata. Spycer(R) offers editors, colorists and producers useful tools for browsing, searching and managing data. Spycer(R) was developed as an open system and supports conventional IT infrastructure as well as all DVS products. A further advantage of Spycer(R) is that the software does not necessarily require a central storage to support network-wide browsing and clip search functions in the company network. DVS achieves this with a scalable content management network, the SpycerNet, in which multiple Spycer(R) applications can operate and exchange metadata.

Konstantin Schinas, Product Manager at DVS, says: “Thanks to its SAN defragmenter, this Spycer(R) version ensures optimal data rates for the customer. Thus file searching and management of incredibly large amounts of data becomes more convenient and transparent. We are pleased to provide our customers with the Spycer(R) for DVS-SAN kit free of charge and thus ensure the best possible workflow for them.”

About DVS
DVS Digital Video Systems GmbH is a premium manufacturer of high-quality hardware and software for professional film post production. Both CLIPSTER(R), the company flagship, and Spycer(R), the intelligent data manager, have won several prestigious awards. With its DI systems, DVS is the only company in the world that makes real-time 4K-processing possible. Thanks to DVS’s long experience in the field of post production, the company is optimally prepared for the switchover to HDTV in the broadcast sector, and is equally active in the D-Cinema arena – since 2007, all DVS products meet the required standards. In addition to the company headquarters in Hanover, DVS has branch offices in Los Angeles, California and Miami, Florida, as well as Paris, France.