CSR BlueCore Multimedia Powers BlueAnt Z9 Bluetooth Headset

Following the launch of the new BlueAnt Z9 Bluetooth Headset, the company continues to ‘unveil’ further insight into the complexity of the device. BlueAnt has revealed that the Z9 incorporates CSR’s BlueCore-Multimedia platform, allowing them to produce a headset which offers superior sound quality, power efficiency and an all-round greater audio experience.

CSR’s BlueCore Multimedia chips use an advanced embedded Digital Signal Processor (DSP) which significantly lowers power consumption in headsets, offering market-leading energy efficiency. By using half the power of alternative solutions, based on general purpose RISC microprocessors, CSR’s Multimedia product range enable product designers to use cheaper, smaller and lighter batteries, while maintaining the same extended battery life demanded by end users.

BlueAnt chose the single chip Bluetooth radio and baseband IC with 8Mbits of Flash memory as well as an on-chip DSP and stereo CODEC. CSR designed the IC to reduce the number of external components required to ensure that production costs are minimised, while also incorporating auto-calibration and use cases to simplify development, type approval and production tests. With a tiny form factor, BlueCore-Multimedia platform has minimum impact on the overall aesthetics of end-user products and allows for exceptionally compact Bluetooth devices.

Anthony Murray, Senior Vice President of CSR’s Wireless Audio Business Unit, commented, “CSR’s products and services demonstrate the company’s commitment to providing device designers such as BlueAnt with the highest level of performance and adaptability. CSR’s family of wireless ICs enables designers to easily incorporate wireless functionality into a variety of design concepts ensuring a high-level of innovation and function.”

The BlueAnt Z9 Bluetooth Headset marks the company’s first step into the global distribution of its products and is a sophisticated addition to the already highly successful BlueAnt product range. Awarded the prestigious 2007 International Innovations Design & Engineering Award by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA(R)), the Z9 leads the next generation of Bluetooth headsets with its stylish design and advanced functionality. Incorporating BlueAnt’s patented Voice Isolation Technology(TM), a revolutionary proprietary Digital Signal Processor (DSP) software solution, and dual microphone feature, the Z9 provides outstanding noise suppression, wind noise reduction and echo cancellation.

BlueAnt Wireless Founder and CEO, Taisen Maddern, says, “We are pleased to partner with CSR to create a Bluetooth Headset that is technologically superior and provides consumers with the quality that they have been looking for from this type of personal device. Consumer expectations for sound quality, design and features continue to grow and product development remains an integral focus for BlueAnt. Our partnership with CSR has complemented our efforts in this area and has enabled BlueAnt to leverage CSR’s authority in the area of Bluetooth audio solutions.”

The Z9 Bluetooth Headset is available from mobile phone retailers across Australia and New Zealand, North America and Europe.

About BlueAnt Wireless
BlueAnt Wireless is Australia’s largest supplier of Bluetooth peripheral devices. BlueAnt’s product portfolio includes hands-free, stereo audio streaming and wireless communication products offering cutting-edge technology, design and features. BlueAnt’s Global Head Office is located in Melbourne, Australia and the company’s recent expansion has seen the opening of a North American office in New York, as well as a London office servicing the European market.