Novas Software Announces User Conference Program

Novas Software, Inc., the leader in debug and visibility enhancement solutions for complex chip designs, announced its 2007 International User Conference program with the theme of “Enhancing Your Verification Productivity.” This sixth annual series is comprised of technical tutorials and real-world case studies developed to give chip designers practical knowledge for tackling the functional verification of large designs.

The 2007 program kicked off in July with events in Shanghai and Beijing, China. Upcoming events in Asia, North America and Europe will be held starting in late August across nine different locations. All events are free of charge for current customers and companies evaluating Novas products:

  • August 22 – Taipei, Taiwan
  • August 24 – Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • August 30-31 – Tokyo, Japan
  • September 5 – Bangalore, India
  • September 11 – Irvine, CA
  • September 20 – Austin, TX
  • September 26 – Santa Clara, CA
  • October 9 – Ottawa, Canada
  • November 7 – Munich, Germany
  • November 14 – Bristol, United Kingdom

Dynamic Technical Program
The conference agenda for each geographic region is customized to address the industry trends and specific interests of chip designers in US, Europe, and Asia. A major highlight for the US and Asia programs is the tutorial, “Getting the Most Out of SystemVerilog,” developed by renowned expert and industry consultant Cliff Cummings.

The global program features demonstrations of Novas’ award-winning debug and visibility enhancement products and state-of-the-art verification methodologies. Topics covered across all regions include:

  • Verification Applications using the Siloti Visibility Enhancement Solution
  • Leveraging Performance and Capacity of the Verdi Automated Debug System
  • Hints and Tips for using Novas Solutions More Efficiently
  • An Inside Look at Novas Product Roadmaps

The events also provide an open forum for users to exchange best practices and discuss their real-life debug scenarios with other designers and Novas technical experts.

Educating the Community
In addition to the technical program, attendees and their families at the Santa Clara, CA and Austin, TX events will have the opportunity to explore time and space in the Novas planetarium. Parents and children are invited to take advantage of this unique educational session to learn about our planet and universe in a fun environment.

Registration Now Open
Seating is limited, so attendees are encouraged to pre-register. Detailed agendas with online registration information for each geographic region are available at:

About Novas
Novas Software, Inc. is the leading provider of design comprehension solutions that enhance verification of complex ICs, embedded systems and SoCs. The Novas Verdi(TM) Automated Debug and Siloti(TM) Visibility Enhancement products cut debug time in half while dramatically minimizing simulation overhead. Novas is headquartered in San Jose, Calif. with offices in Europe, Japan and Asia-Pacific. For more information, email

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