Actions Announces Personal Media Player Chipsets with CSR BlueCore

Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: ACTS), one of China’s leading fabless semiconductor companies, announced the availability of Personal Media Player (PMP) chipsets featuring CSR’s BlueCore technology for Bluetooth. Actions chipset featuring CSR’s BlueCore reference design enables users to wirelessly stream music and transfer files from PCs and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. The handsfree mobile application on the chipset features call handling, where the mobile phone sends a signal to the MP3 player to pause the music, routes the call through a Bluetooth headset, with the MP3 player resuming playback at the conclusion of the phone call.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to work with CSR in expanding upon the wireless functionalities offered in our product portfolio through the use of CSR’s industry leading Bluetooth technology,” commented Mr. Nan-Horng Yeh, Chief Executive Officer of Actions Semiconductor. “Like Actions, CSR puts a special emphasis on offering high quality products at a competitive cost. This partnership enables Actions to continue to deliver cutting edge technology to its customers at a rapid time-to-market while maintaining the user friendly platform and appealing cost to functionality ratio that our leadership has been built upon.”

About Actions Semiconductor
Actions Semiconductor is one of China’s leading fabless semiconductor companies that provides mixed-signal and multimedia SoC solutions for portable consumer electronics. Actions Semiconductor products include SoCs, firmware, software, solution development kits, as well as detailed specifications of other required components and the providers of those components. Actions Semiconductor also provides total product and technology solutions that allow customers to quickly introduce new portable consumer electronics to the mass market in a cost effective way. The company is headquartered in Zhuhai, China, with offices in Beijing and Shenzhen.