EDA Tech Forum Introduces Keynote Speakers

EDA Tech Forum, a key technical and networking resource for the electronics engineering community, has announced the keynote speakers for its September 12, 2007, event in Santa Clara, California. Dr. Steve Squyres of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) mission to Mars will present “The Spirit and Opportunity of Mars.” Andrew Rassweiler, iSuppli Principal Analyst and Teardown Services Manager, will present, “Apple iPhone – Design Choices and Comparative Analysis.”

Dr. Squyres is the acclaimed scientist and principal investigator of the Mars Exploration Program and NASA’s pioneering drive across the red planet’s surface by two high-tech robotic rovers named “Spirit” and “Opportunity.” Steve will show never-before-seen photos of the mission detailing how he turned what seemed like an improbable dream into a reality. He will discuss the risks and the struggles NASA faced for 16 years to make this mission happen, the mistakes made and how success was achieved.

Andrew Rassweiler will explore the success of Apple’s new iPhone and the technology inside it. Shipments of iPhones are expected to amount to 4.5 million units this year, and will expand by a factor of nearly seven to reach more than 30 million by 2011. Equally impressive is the design of the device itself. One of the most significant aspects of the iPhone is its tightly packed design, which crams the electronics of the system into a space the size of three postage stamps. This keynote session will examine the design of the iPhone as well as compare it to that of its rival mobile handsets and to other consumer electronics devices.

EDA Tech Forum events provide an excellent opportunity for designers and engineers to network with their peers and, conversely, for EDA solution providers to reach those markets. Event activities include hands-on workshops, a vendor fair with new product demonstrations, and technical sessions focused on the design areas of design for manufacturability, analog/mixed signal design, electronic system level (ESL) design, verification, and functional verification, as well as the challenges surrounding system design.

In addition to the worldwide series of events, the EDA Tech Forum also offers the EDA Tech Forum quarterly technical journal, which is available as a printed or online publication. The magazine provides a forum in which to discuss, debate, and communicate the electronic industry’s most pressing issues, challenges, methodologies, problem-solving techniques, and trends. To register for upcoming EDA Tech Forums, or to obtain more information about the EDA Tech Forum journal, please call 1-800-547-8016.

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