Embedded Systems Conference Boston Features Product Teardowns

CMP Technology announced its highly anticipated series of live product teardowns and other special events at the 2007 Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) Boston, running September 18 to the 21 at the Hynes Convention Center. These product teardowns will give conference attendees unprecedented insight into the inner workings of today’s hottest technologies that push the boundaries of system design.

Live Product Teardown Events:

  • The California Cars Initiative will pull apart a Toyota Prius to examine the systems that compose the hybrid vehicle. Be there to view what allows this popular vehicle to average 55 mpg. In addition to the teardown, ESC Boston will hold the first East Coast conversion of the Prius to a plug-in hybrid car.
  • Discover the Vectrix MAXI-Scooter during the live Vectrix teardown sponsored by Microchip. During this teardown viewers will view the embedded systems that power the popular Vectrix scooter, a high-powered electric two-wheel vehicle with the added benefits of low running costs, low noise and zero emissions.
  • Learn how one of the newest and most advanced fitness devices, the Nike Triax Elite, is able to offer a combined heart-rate monitor, accurate electronic pedometer, and data upload capability. Sponsored by Texas Instruments, whose MSP 430 low-power microcontroller helps power the device, the Triax teardown promises to reveal embedded technology of the future.
  • CMP’s Semiconductor Insights will put the spotlight on counterfeiting with a teardown of an iPhone clone to see how its contents compare to the real deal. Additionally, Semiconductor Insights will share its analysis of counterfeit NAND flash devices that were alleged to be from Toshiba, Samsung, and IM Flash Technologies.

Other Special Events

  • ESC Boston will give attendees a chance to be photographed with the Intel Chopper, a custom built embedded technology-based motorcycle by Orange County Choppers.
  • Fun and networking are the name of the game at ESC’s Casino Night Party. This event will feature food, drinks as well as poker and blackjack on a night to mingle with industry peers.

ESC Boston‘s live product teardowns offer attendees an unparalleled opportunity to view the embedded technologies that make up some of today’s most advanced systems in an entertaining format. These demonstrations will heighten the already valuable ESC Boston program of visionary keynote speakers and conference seminars,” said David Blaza, Publisher Embedded Systems Design. “It is CMP’s goal to provide a forum that will excite and educate embedded systems veterans and newer practitioners alike with special events that promise to engage all attendees.”

About TechMash
CMP Technology will celebrate the spirit of collaboration and combined brain power at TechMash Boston 2007. TechMash 2007 will include The Embedded Systems Conference; the industry’s largest international embedded technical conference and exhibition, Software Development Best Practices; a strategic forum for senior software developers, and RFID World Boston, focused on security, privacy and authentification issues for the community that is using, building, leveraging, and driving radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.