Kenet Introduces New 12-, 14-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converters

Kenet Inc., a developer of revolutionary low-power, analog mixed-signal products, formally expanded its best-in-class family of analog-to-digital converter (ADC) products with the release of its new, pin-compatible family of 12- and 14-bit ADCs. The new products, fabricated with Kenet’s proprietary FemtoCharge(R) CMOS technology, combine ultra-high performance with extremely low power consumption to set new industry benchmarks.

The 12-bit, KAD5512-50 operates at sampling rates of 500 million samples per second (MSPS) while consuming less than 370 mW of power, nearly an order of magnitude less than available products. At 250 MSPS, the KAD5514-25 has the industry’s highest speed/power ratio in a 14-bit ADC, consuming less than 320 mW. The new family also includes single and dual 12-bit, 250-MSPS products, with lower speed grades at 210, 170 and 125 MSPS available for each.

Kenet’s new ADC family incorporates leading-edge features such as SPI-port programmability, making them easy to use and adaptable to a variety of applications. All of the ADCs are available in pin-compatible, 72-pin QFN packages and offer output choices of LVCMOS, SDR LVDS and DDR LVDS, in both single and dual configurations, making this family an extremely versatile ADC choice for designers. In addition, the single 12- and 14-bit 250-MSPS ADCs can be ordered in a 48-pin package. All packages are specified over the full industrial temperature range (-40 to +85°C).

“These new products provide an unprecedented level of flexibility for electronics designers,” said Phillip LoPresti, Kenet’s CEO. “The pin compatibility, SPI programmability, and low power consumption allow designers to reuse Kenet’s products across multiple platforms and applications, which reduces both their costs and time-to-market.”

The KAD5512-50 is the industry’s lowest power, 500-MSPS, 12-bit, ADC. For less than 370 mW, the KAD5512-50 delivers SNR of 66.3 dB and SFDR of 70 dB at Nyquist frequencies.

The 12-bit KAD5512-25 runs at sampling rates up to 250 MSPS, offering unparalleled SNR and SFDR specifications while cutting power consumption to below 190 mW, less than half of competitive products. Pin-compatible 10-bit versions are also offered.

The 14-bit KAD5514-25 operates at sampling rates up to 250 MSPS while consuming less than 320 mW. Users can now obtain unprecedented sampling rates and competitive SNR and SFDR specifications while reducing power consumption by up to four times.

The 12-bit 250-MSPS dual-channel KAD5612-25 is another industry first. It offers unparalleled SNR and SFDR specifications while cutting power consumption to below 370 mW for both ADC channels. Pin-compatible 10-bit versions are also available in the dual configuration.

Availability and Pricing
Evaluation boards are currently available for all the 12-bit and 14-bit products, with full production scheduled for Q1 2008. The KAD5512-50 product has a unit list price of $125.00, the KAD5512-25 is being offered for $59.00 each, the dual channel KAD5612-25 is being offered for $89.00 and the KAD5514-25 has a list price of $89.00 per unit, all in 1000 piece quantities. More information and volume pricing details can be obtained by contacting Kenet at 781-497-0060.

About Kenet
Kenet Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company founded to bring to market low-power mixed-signal technology developed at MIT. The company is developing innovative enabling solutions for industrial instrumentation, wireless communications, networking, portable consumer products and military and government applications. Kenet is backed by investors including Venrock Associates, Oak Investment Partners, Kopin Corporation, and CP Group. For more information, please contact Kenet at 781-497-0060 or