Fox Electronics Oscillators Extend Battery Life for Portable Applications

Fox Electronics, America’s leading supplier of frequency control products, now offers two upgraded lines of SMD oscillators with reduced power consumption that provide an extended usable battery life for portable and battery-powered applications. Fox’s RoHS compliant F330A and F530LA oscillators offer reduced heat generation to prolong battery life, which is paramount in offering a viable portable product.

Fox’s new oscillators, which are low current versions of the popular Series F330 and F530L, are ideal for use in computers, cell phones, AM/FM Radio, CD/DVD players, MP3 players, satellite radio, tools, test equipment, scanners and bar code readers. The compact F330A, measuring 3.2 mm x 2.5 mm, and the F530LA, measuring 5 mm x 3.2 mm, are ideal for any portable application where an oscillator is required.

In addition to the oscillators’ 1.800-50.000 MHz frequency range and 3.3 V operation, the Series F530LA is available in a 5.0 V (F550L) version for select portable applications. The oscillators also offer HCMOS output and a standby current of 1 microamp, which reduces the production of heat and extends the product’s battery life. The oscillators’ lower current draw and reduced heat generation eliminate the need for cooling fins and fans as well. The Series F330A and F530LA have a storage temperature of -55 degrees C to +125 degrees C and are conveniently packaged on tape and reel in 2,000 pcs. STD.

Pricing for the F330A, 40 MHz, 2Kpcs oscillator is $1.70 and the F530LA, 125MHz, 2Kpcs oscillator is priced at $1.31. Delivery is 10 weeks ARO.

Fox Electronics is America’s leading supplier of standard and custom frequency control products, including the industry’s broadest line of crystals, oscillators, VCXOs, TCXOs, OCXOs, and crystal filters. The company, headquartered in Fort Myers, FL, has facilities, representatives, and distributors throughout the world.