Mistral Announces Continuum Insights Multi-Processor Systems Tool

Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a leading provider of complete technology solutions and professional services in the embedded space, announced the availability of Continuum Insights(TM), a new suite of GUI-based software tools from Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing.

Designed to ease and optimize the development of application software for multicomputer embedded systems, Continuum Insights supports systems ranging from a few to hundreds of processors/cores providing application programmers with greater visibility into the entire system through the collection of critical, periodic, non-intrusive, real-time data. Using a GUI format, Continuum Insights presents this information hierarchically, enabling intuitive navigation that lets the developer quickly find any source of potential problems within the system.

Continuum Insights, is based on the Eclipse(TM) Development and Application Framework, and innovatively provides developers of complex multi-processor-based computer systems with the information they need to accurately tune their system and speed their time to market. This advanced suite of development tools includes an Event Analysis Tool and a System Monitoring Tool and is the latest addition to Curtiss Wright’s COTS Continuum architecture initiative.

Continuum Insights improves the development environment for multi-core SBC and DSP engine systems using Curtiss-Wright boards and the Wind River Workbench(R), an Eclipse-based integrated tools suite. It expands upon the Wind River System Viewer tool for event analysis in multi-processor systems, enabling the analysis of multiple multi-core processors, both on a single board and across multiple boards. It goes beyond the limitations of single-processor data capture, enabling system developers to make time-aligned comparisons of the effect of events occurring on multiple processors, significantly reducing the time required to debug their system & captures the race conditions, or interaction between multiple processors, easing and speeding the identification and correction of events that occur in the wrong sequence.

Continuum Insights comes along with 2 major features: Event Analysis Tool & System Monitoring Tool. The Continuum Insights Event Analysis Tool collects and displays operating system-level events, driver-level events, and user-defined events across multiple processors within a system, all accurately time aligned using a common time base. The event data is collected in real-time enabling developers to debug and verify critical interactions between tasks among multiple processors and cores. The System Monitoring Tool provides a hierarchical, graphical representation of a multi-computer system. System and health information are updated in real-time providing displays of processing threads, utilization, task allocations, and processor-level and system-level configuration information.

Continuum Insights is supported on Curtiss-Wright’s new VPX/VPX-REDI based single board computers, and DSP and FPGA engines including the CHAMP-AV6, the VPX6-185, and CHAMP-FX2 products.

About COTS Continuum
COTS Continuum is Curtiss-Wright’s new product architecture designed to make customers more productive and able to leverage new technologies more quickly and with less risk. The COTS Continuum architecture includes a common software, hardware and mechanical architecture for future Curtiss-Wright products. It standardizes I/O routing and pin-outs, electrical interfaces, and APIs to all hardware functionality, and provides a common HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) and user documentation across product lines. The net result is a common out-of-box experience between product families and next generation products benefiting all users by easing their technology insertions.

About Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing
Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing is the industry’s most comprehensive and experienced single source for embedded solutions, ranging from Processing, Subsystems, Data Communication, DSP, and Video & Graphics to the most advanced board level components and fully integrated custom systems. The Embedded Computing group serves the defense, aerospace, commercial and industrial markets and is part of Curtiss-Wright Controls, Inc.

About Mistral Solutions
Mistral is an ISO 9001:2000 certified and CMMi Level 3 appraised premier product realization company providing end-to-end services for product design and development in the embedded space. Mistral offers expert design and development services covering hardware and software, customizable product designs and IP’s, System Integration and COTS Solutions that improve quality and accelerate time-to-market for a broad range of embedded systems.

Mistral has forged successful partnerships with leading providers of embedded solutions, which has enabled us to provide our clients with the finest technology solutions based on the world’s best platforms. Mistral’s partners include among others Wind River Systems and Curtiss-Wright Controls (CWC) Embedded Computing Organization making available RTOS, IDE tools and commercial & rugged grade COTS computing solutions for commercial, military, aerospace, and avionics markets.