RapidIO Trade Association Announces Munich, Paris Design Summits

Ensuring that design engineers have access to practical, up-to-date information on the state of RapidIO(R) while maximizing the value of business travel, The RapidIO Trade Association’s Munich and Paris Global RapidIO Design Summits will be on September 17th and 20th respectively, taking place immediately before and after the AdvancedTCA Summit Europe to be held just outside of Paris. The Munich Global RapidIO Design Summits will be held at Innside Hotel and the Paris forum at Novotel Paris Vaugirard Hotel, both from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Registration for these highly anticipated events is now open, and space is limited.

These summits, developed specifically to illustrate how the embedded design community can achieve improved system performance and reliability with the high-speed, flexible RapidIO interconnect and fabric, provide engineering managers, system architects, and embedded product developers with practical information on RapidIO technology and products they can utilize now in their production products. The Summits, sponsored by the member companies of the RapidIO trade association are open to qualified attendees at no cost.

“The RapidIO eco-system will be extremely well-represented at this year’s Summits’ expanded presentations and hardware demonstrations, all focused on practical designs and implementations using RapidIO interconnect technology,” said Tom Cox, executive director of the RapidIO Trade Association.

Two tracks of technical sessions highlighting RapidIO technology, applications examples, software considerations, practical design recommendations, and RapidIO products as well as a technology lab featuring multi-vendor RapidIO interoperability demonstrations using state-of-the-art RapidIO products from multiple vendors highlight the events.

Technical experts from the RapidIO Trade Association member companies will provide a unique opportunity for attendees to interact directly with RapidIO technology experts and get their specific questions answered. A complimentary light breakfast, lunch and snacks will be provided.

Global RapidIO Design Summits Schedule

  • Munich, Germany – Monday, 17 September 2007
  • Paris, France – Thursday, 20 September 2007
  • Boston, Massachusetts, United States – Thursday, 04 October 2007
  • Seoul, Korea – Monday, 05 November 2007
  • Shanghai, People’s Republic of China – Wednesday, 07 November 2007
  • Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China – Friday, 09 November 2007
  • Hyderabad or Chennai, India – Tuesday, 13 November 2007
  • Bangalore, India – Thursday, 15 November 2007

Additional details can be found on www.RapidIO.org. Dates of these events are subject to change, and interested attendees are asked to check the web site often for location and agenda information.

RapidIO Trade Association
The RapidIO Trade Association and its global members drive the RapidIO interconnect architecture. This ISO and ANSI-certified, open-standard seamlessly enables the chip-to-chip, board-to-board, control, backplane and data plane interconnections needed in high-performance networking, communications and embedded systems. RapidIO-based products are shipping now, including silicon chips, boards and systems.

RapidIO(R) is a registered trademark of the RapidIO Trade Association.