AIS Introduces AIS-I7621 Embedded Flat-Panel Single Board Computer

American Industrial Systems Inc. announces its new SBC (single-board computer) the AIS-I7621. The unique flat panel SBC utilizes the Ultra Low Voltage Intel(R) Celeron(R) M processor, and is the perfect solution for slim panel-PC systems, POIs (Point-of-Information), POSs (Point-of-Sale), kiosks, digital signage, gaming, slots, and lottery machines.

The AIS-I7621′s ultra-flat design allows support for DDR 266/200 RAM (up to 1GB). With ultra low voltage consumption, this embedded system board boasts a lightweight compact design, generating less heat for more system stability. As a result, a fanless feature was implemented onto the board, minimizing any system noise. Within the panel itself, the AIS-I7621 is designed to work with a wide variety of input voltages, ranging from 8-30 volts (optional).

AIS-I7621 Embedded Flat-Panel Single Board ComputerAlong with higher performance and lower energy use, some additional benefits include a Mini-PCI slot; 1 x Compact Flash socket onto which the operation system may be loaded; 1 x secondary EIDE channel for storage; and VGA, LVDS, DVO inputs (TTL optional). These expandability options are all fully integrated into the system and ready to fulfill common graphic needs, supporting resolutions up to 1600×1200 UXGA.

Wireless Ethernet can be achieved by adding a Mini-PCI form factor wireless adaptor for more connection varieties. Alongside the AIS-I7621, the gold finger allows for up to four PCI expansion devices that increase the expandability of the platform.

Also, the 3.5″ embedded system board form factor provides for long-term life-cycle and cost-effectiveness, making the AIS-I7621 an ideal solution for applications where space is an issue. In addition, the TFT flat panels, in which AIS offers ranges from 6.4 to 15 inches with resolutions from VGA to SXGA (640×480 to 1280×1024), complement the embedded system boards.

AIS offers SBC Kits for developers looking to build complete solutions using the AIS single-board computer platform. “By providing corresponding cabling, inverters, 12V-to-ATX DC input, and a wide range of 8-30 volts DC power supplies, the SBCs represent a complete solution. With this bundled package, we are able to save industries time to market in a cost-effective way,” said Nelson Tsay, Vice President of AIS. Integrated onto a single board, the AIS SBC Kit reduces the cost of high-end embedded LCD computing systems while maintaining a high degree of flexibility and quality control. The AIS SBC Kits for Single-Board Computers are all pre-tested and pre-configured to work with a wide range of embedded and computing devices, making them complete yet reliable solutions.

About American Industrial Systems Inc.
AIS is a provider of specialty displays and embedded computing solutions for customers in the medical, industrial, and digital signage markets. We specialize in designing and manufacturing cost-effective LCD and embedded computing products for industrial and ODM/OEM applications worldwide. Whether your vision involves off-the-shelf displays or highly customized embedded computing solutions, AIS can supply the experience, technology, and resources you need to build it right and get you to the market first.