EtherWaves Rolls Out Digital Radio ClearSignal to Australian Retailers

EtherWaves unveils its Digital Radio ClearSignal(TM) product featuring DAB+, DMB-Audio, and DAB Data services targeted to Australian retailers. Radios empowered with EtherWaves’ ClearSignal(TM) Digital Radio technology can simultaneously decode DAB data services such as slideshows and EPG, while listening to DAB or DAB+.

The capability to simultaneously decode data and to play audio is achievable from EtherWaves’ soft solution executed on a single Analog Devices low-cost Blackfin processor, further demonstrating EtherWaves capability to enable manufacturers to produce multi-standard Digital Radio receivers and to add Digital Radio receiving capability to existing devices.

Without requiring additional processors or other special system resources, the ClearSignal(TM) family line of products, implemented on a DSP, effectively decodes the audio, data and controls the user interface even on a TFT LCD.

“With the arrival of DAB+ and the rampant need of data services, our Digital Radio product line enables more features at the same BOM cost. This meets the demands of our respective partners whose principal concerns is to increase profit margins whilst delivering high-quality Digital Radio products,” states Linda Kedem, EtherWaves Marketing Manager.

About EtherWaves
EtherWaves Ltd. develops and licenses Digital Radio and Mobile TV Intellectual Property (IP), targeting the Automotive, System-On-Chip (SoC) and Consumer Electronics markets. EtherWaves uses its core competencies and expertise to develop Digital Broadcast Receiving solutions based on Software and Silicon IP. The company’s ClearSignal(TM) technology powers German in-car infotainment systems of Tier 1 clients. The ClearSignal(TM) product line currently supports DAB, DAB+, T-DMB, DRM and FM and will also comply with HD Radio, DMB-T (China), ISDB-T, and DVB-H. EtherWaves is a privately held company with headquarters in Israel.

ClearSignal is a trademark of EtherWaves Ltd.