Harker Systems Selects Energi for Technical Marketing Services

Technical marketing company, Energi, have announced that they are working with Harleston based electro-mechanical design engineers, Harker Systems. Harker Systems are specialists in the design of mechanical systems and components and electro-mechanical systems, with considerable expertise in computer aided drawing and 3 dimensional visualisation tools. Energi has provided brand development, web design and public relations services in an effort to further establish Harker Systems within the Eastern region technology sector.

“It’s been another good project for Energi,” said Richard Blackburn, Managing Director of Energi. “It’s great to see UK engineering back on its feet with companies such as Harker Systems offering such a high level of design and innovation capability. The challenge for us, was to communicate the fact that Harker Systems have a creative approach to their design work, with the focus being on innovative and eloquent solutions. Also, the fact that they are quite unique in that they bridge both electronics and mechanical design disciplines.”

Since its creation in 2003, Energi has established itself has a leading provider of marketing services to the technology sector. Clients have included Swedish mobile phone software company Enea, Cambridge voice technology company NCT, UK database company Polyhedra, Cambridge digital print technology company Copytrax and Uk contract manufacturer Barric. Energi’s services include technical public relations, website design and development, search engine optimisation, editorial creation, advertisement design, sales training and brand development.

“I’ve been very impressed by Energi,” said Ben Harker, General Manager of Harker Systems. “It was clear from the start that they understood our needs and capabilities and more importantly, how to get our message across to potential clients. They really are very good at what they do. Energi has helped us find the new identity we needed to help us grow and develop.” It’s been a very enjoyable process working with Energi and has given us new ‘energi’ and confidence to be able to achieve our goals. Harker Systems has 17 years of experience using 3D CAD systems such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor and Rhino. The company can also undertake micro-controller based electronic designs using a broad range of sensor and actuator technologies and can provide control and system automation development using software such as National Instruments LabVIEW and RealBASIC.

About Energi
Energi Technical Limited are experts in the marketing of engineering and technology. With many years’ experience in engineering and sales and marketing, Energi assist hi-tech companies and engineering companies to turn their skills and technology into sustainable revenue. Energi is able to provide marketing consultancy, brand development, web design, press relations services, editorial creation and placement and technical sales training. Energi have a solid record of helping clients achieve revenue growth and improved market position.

About Harker Systems
Harker Systems provide engineering design and R&D services for mechanical and electro-mechanical device and product development. From a single simple component to a complex assembly, they have the knowledge, experience and technology to help you deliver cost effective solutions. Harker Systems offer a complete service from concept through to the finished article. Using the very latest in Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology, they can model components and systems to ensure the integrity of every design before going to the physical thing.