Indigo Rose Unveils Visual Patch 3.0 for Software Patch Packaging

Indigo Rose Software announced the availability of Visual Patch 3.0, a fast and efficient solution for software developers who need to create secure and compact software patches. The new version creates tiny binary difference patch files that can update multiple older versions of a software application to the current release all from a single executable. Visual Patch 3.0 is compatible with all versions of WindowsT operating systems through Windows VistaT.

“The next generation binary difference compression algorithms found in Visual Patch 3.0 provide significant performance gains over older technology,” said Colin Adams, president of Indigo Rose Software. “In our test suite, Visual Patch 3.0 was able to compress a 120 MB graphics file by 99.62 percent in only 9.05 seconds. In comparison, Microsoft’s MSP differencing algorithm required over 25 minutes to achieve a compression ratio of only 18.66 percent.”

New features include the advanced DeltaMAXT compression, a binary difference compression technology, developed specifically for impressive speed characteristics, even with gigabyte-sized files. Indigo Rose’s full-history patching engine gives developers full control over which versions can be patched with a single executable. For effortless software release management, Visual Patch integrates version management for a quick and easy way to add, remove and organize product versions, as well as to view all important file details.

Visual Patch 3.0′s drag and drop development environment simplifies software version management, visually identifying which files have changed, and then calculating the exact byte-level differences within each file. The result is a compact and secure patch file that can synchronize any outdated version of a software application with the current version.

Visual Patch curbs potential threats on applications and keeps data safe from unauthorized use and transmission errors using a combination of 128-bit MD5 hashing, CRC-32 checksums and industry standard data encryption protocols. Transmitting only tiny portions of a file in a format that is not able to be used without the original greatly reduces the risk of unauthorized use.

Furthermore, Visual Patch has a powerful scripting engine with more than 250 high-level actions to give unprecedented control over the software patching system. The software even provides a library of more than 20 ready-to-use screen dialogs along with a graphical skinning system. Another key feature is rollback protection in which patches can back up any modified files and automatically roll back to restore the original application files in the event of an error or user abort.

Visual Patch 3.0 is available for $495 (US) per user and can be purchased through all major software development tool resellers or by calling (800) 665-9668 in North America and (204) 946-0263 worldwide. A free 30-day trial is available.

About Indigo Rose Software Corporation
Indigo Rose provides software developers with tools to manage the complete software deployment life cycle. From multimedia autorun development with AutoPlay Media StudioT to automated software installation, updating and patching solutions with Setup FactoryR, TrueUpdateR and Visual PatchR, Indigo Rose offers an array of integrated solutions. Privately held, Indigo Rose has been developing innovative software development tools since 1991 that are used by thousands of corporate, government and ISV developers around the world. Indigo Rose is headquartered in Winnipeg, Canada, and may be contacted at (204) 946-0263.