Emerson Network Power Launches 4 Artesyn Eighth-Brick DC-DC Converters

Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson (NYSE: EMR), has launched four Artesyn eighth-brick dc-dc converters featuring second-generation power conversion topology that provides up to 93% full load efficiency. The latest additions to the Artesyn LES series of converters offer designers a choice of 22 A @ 2.5 V, 20 A @ 3.3 V, 13 A @ 5 V and 6.7 A @ 12 V.

All four converters feature a wide input voltage range of 36 to 75 Vdc, making them ideal for use with telecom-standard 48 V supplies, and are fully protected against input voltage transients of up to 100 V for 100 ms. The converters’ outputs can be adjusted from 90% to 110% of nominal, using an external trim resistor. Design-in flexibility is further enhanced by the fact that the converters have no minimum load requirement, and provide a true monotonic start-up characteristic under both normal and pre-biased load conditions. The converters have a typical start-up time of 20 ms when driving a resistive load, and feature differential remote sense and remote on/off facilities as standard.

Artesyn LES series 48 V input eighth-brick dc-dc converters offer power conversion efficiencies of up to 93%In common with all Artesyn LES series eighth-brick dc-dc converters, the latest models have an industry-standard 2.3 x 0.9 in footprint, which is 38% less than conventional quarter bricks, and are based on an open-frame, single-board package. The new models are available in both through-hole and surface-mounting configurations, and use surface-mount components and planar, in-the-board transformer structures to help minimize profile, allowing the installed height to be kept to just 0.32 in. This exceptionally low profile means that the converters are suitable for applications involving very tight inter-board spacing, such as latest-generation telecom switches and high-end servers. The converters’ pin-out is identical to standard quarter-brick converters, facilitating drop-in replacement.

The converters are specified for operation over an ambient temperature range of -40 to +85 degrees Celsius. Standard features include under-voltage lockout and non-latching over-voltage protection, as well as protection against short-circuit and over-temperature conditions, with automatic recovery. The converters carry a full set of international safety approvals, including EN60950 TUV and UL/cUL60950.

Artesyn LES series eighth-brick converters are available for immediate delivery, and the standard lead-time for quantity orders is stock to 8 weeks. Pricing in 1,000-piece quantities is $28 US.

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Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson (NYSE:EMR), is the global leader in enabling Business-Critical Continuity(tm). The company is the trusted source for adaptive and ultra-reliable solutions that enable and protect its customers’ business-critical technology infrastructures. Backed by the largest global services organization in the industry, Emerson Network Power offers a full range of innovative power, precision cooling and connectivity products and services for computer, communications, healthcare and industrial systems. Key product brands within the Emerson Network Power family include Liebert, ASCO, Astec, Artesyn and Lorain.com.

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Emerson (NYSE: EMR), based in St. Louis, is a global leader in bringing technology and engineering together to provide innovative solutions to customers through its network power, process management, industrial automation, climate technologies, and appliance and tools businesses. Sales in fiscal 2006 were $20.1 billion.