Lambda Brick DC/DC Power Modules Supports Output Current up to 25A

Lambda UK has strengthened its iSA series of sixteenth brick DC/DC power modules to provide up to 25A of output current. Designed by sister company TDK Innoveta Inc, the new DOSA (Distributed Power Open Standard Alliance) standard footprint DC/DC converters provide exceptional thermal performance and are designed for engineers seeking to save space and system cost in 48V distributed power architectures.

The iSA Series Sixteenth brick converter family uses a stacked two-board construction which offers superior thermal performance and cooler operation due to the heat dissipating components being on the upper board and thus raised into the ambient air flow. This construction also minimizes any airflow ‘shadowing’ effects, resulting in a thermal performance that exceeds that of larger footprint eighth brick devices.

Lambda Brick DC/DC Power Modules Supports Output Current up to 25AThe sixteenth brick power module has a 44% smaller footprint than eighth brick converters, freeing up valuable ‘real estate’ on circuit boards and the low component count provides greater reliability and a more cost-effective solution than other modules on the market. As well as being significantly smaller than eighth brick power modules the iSA Series DC/DC power module is the highest power rated sixteenth brick currently available. It offers a wide input range (36-75V), and a broad range of outputs – 12V/6.5A (78W), 5V/15A (75W), 3.3V/25A (82.5W). The addition of these new low voltage power modules provides an ideal solution for powering a broad range of systems including DPA, POLs, FPGA, ASIC, DSP, microprocessors, access, optical and industrial loads.

Standard features include remote sense, remote on/off, and auto-recovery functions to fully protect against input under voltage, output over voltage, output over current, over-temperature protection. Latching output over voltage is also offered as an option. Safety approvals include UL60950 (US and Canada), VDE 0805, CB scheme (IEC950), and CE Mark (EN60950). The entire iSA Series Sixteenth brick line is RoHS compliant.

About Lambda
The company designs and manufactures power supplies for a wide range of applications including test and measurement, factory automation, process control, medical, communications, computing and COTS (commercial off-the-shelf). Lambda offers a comprehensive range of AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC converters, backed by fully-automated electronic assembly lines coupled with stringent testing procedures. Lambda is a unit of TDK Corporation (TDK ADR (NYSE) TDK (LON) TDK (BRU)) a leading global electronics company headquartered in Tokyo.