RadiSys Promentum Media Resource Module Features Tundra Serial RapidIO

Tundra Semiconductor Corporation (TSX:TUN), the leader in System Interconnect, has announced that RadiSys Corporation, a leading global provider of advanced embedded solutions, has selected the Tundra Tsi578(TM) Serial RapidIO(R) Switch for its Promentum(TM) ATCA-9100 Media Resource Module. RadiSys recently launched the Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA) Digital Signal Processing (DSP) blade, which uses the Tsi578 as its Serial RapidIO interconnection for large-scale DSP aggregation.

“The Promentum ATCA-9100 responds to increasing customer demand for high performance solutions that address the growing number of applications requiring media processing,” said V. Prasannan, Senior Director ATCA Product Management, at RadiSys Corporation. “We selected Tundra’s Tsi578 with multicast because this Serial RapidIO switch offered large-scale DSP aggregation capabilities with proven interoperability, lower power and minimal latency – all critical requirements for the highly intensive network applications that the ATCA-9100 targets.”

Tundra Tsi578 Serial RapidIO(R) Switch“RadiSys selection of the Tsi578 demonstrates the advantages of high performance, hardware multicast, low power and latency that RapidIO enables in demanding communications applications, ” said Benny Chang, Chief Technology Officer, Tundra Semiconductor. “The Tsi578 optimizes DSP performance by enabling the DSPs to focus on the media processing instead of interconnect termination. Like RadiSys, many of our Tier 1 customers are choosing Tundra Serial RapidIO switches for their wireless baseband, VoIP, media processing and media gateways solutions that require proven, DSP aggregation to gain superior processing performance,” added Chang.

In February 2006, Tundra launched the Tsi578 with hardware multicast, responding to designers demand for low interconnect processing overhead, low power consumption, minimum latency as well as board layout with high signal integrity. The Tsi578 supports the 1.3 RapidIO Specification and has been qualified by RIOLAB(TM), the world’s only independent RapidIO interoperability testing facility, as a Device Interoperability Level 3 (DIL-3) device. With a broad feature set including; port flexibility with links independently configurable up to 10 Gbps of data rate, supervised traffic flow for increased performance and fabric management, and enhanced SerDes, the Tsi578 is the lowest power switch in the market today.

The Tsi578 is ideally suited for DSP, FPGA, ASIC and processor aggregation on line cards as well as backplane switching in a number of markets including wireless and wireline communications infrastructure, storage equipment, video processing and signal processing in aerospace avionics. Telecommunications equipment and embedded computing manufacturers, both within system designs and in backplane architecture, are designing-in the Tsi578.

About RadiSys
RadiSys (Nasdaq: RSYS) is a leading provider of advanced solutions for the communications networking and commercial systems markets. Through intimate customer collaboration and combining innovative technologies and industry leading architecture, RadiSys helps OEMs, systems integrators and solution providers bring better products to market faster and more economically. RadiSys products include embedded boards, application enabling platforms and turn-key systems, which are used in today’s complex computing, processing and network intensive applications. For more information, write to info@radisys.com, or call 800-950-0044 or 503-615-1100.

About Tundra
Tundra Semiconductor Corporation (TSX:TUN) supplies the world’s leading communications, computing and storage companies with smart System Interconnect products, intellectual property (IP) and design services backed by world-class customer service and technical support. Tundra’s track record of product leadership includes over a decade of bridges and switches enabling key industry standards: RapidIO(R), PCI, PCI-X, PCI Express(R), PowerPC(R), VME, HyperTransport(TM), Interlaken, and SPI4.2. Tundra’s products deliver high functional quality and simplified board design and layout, with specific focus on system level signal integrity. Tundra’s design services division, Silicon Logic Engineering, Inc., offers industry-leading ASIC and FPGA design services, semiconductor intellectual property and product development consulting. Tundra’s smart technology connects critical components in high performance embedded systems around the world.

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