Si-Ware Systems, Discera Partner for MEMS-Based Clock Generators

Si-Ware Systems (SWS), an analog and mixed signal ASIC solutions provider, announced that as a result of a joint development partnership with Discera, Discera has taken delivery of a fully qualified, product-ready ASIC for Discera’s innovative silicon-based clock generators which are being used in a wide array of end applications, including consumer electronics.

Discera, a leading provider of MEMS-based clock generators for the frequency and timing control markets, provides small cutting-edge oscillators that are expected to transform electronic design because they offer a direct replacement for bulkier quartz crystal oscillators, which are the key timing element in virtually all electronic systems. Discera oscillators incorporate both a MEMS resonator and an ASIC, with a QFN or ceramic package. The company’s MEMS-based timing devices are drop-in oscillator replacements for DVD players, gaming consoles, set top boxes, camcorders, PDAs, cameras and hundreds of other consumer applications.

Discera and SWS have partnered closely in the complete development by addressing complex dependencies and design requirements between the MEMS device and the ASIC in order to deliver fully-tested and calibrated clock generator product samples to Discera customers.

“We are very impressed with the experience of SWS in ASIC design and are excited about this partnership as Discera continues our ramp into volume production,” said Tom Willey, chief executive officer of Discera.

“As Discera successfully samples a large number of customers and ramps up to volume production, our team is consistently supporting Discera in designing the ASIC to address customer-specific product requirements,” said Hisham Haddara, chief executive officer of SWS.

With a broad range of expertise, SWS works with partners such as Discera in the initial product development stages, offering a unique and flexible design approach in order to deliver robust and high performance ASIC designs to its customers in competitive timeframes. SWS methodologies enable greater degrees of flexibility for quick response to new market opportunities in North America and Europe.

Focusing on its core expertise within the RF and mixed signal domain, SWS has served customers and applications in timing, frequency synthesis, data converters, RF front-ends and in particular MEMS signal conditioning ASICs, including resonators and accelerometers. SWS is uniquely positioned to be the design and IC supplier of choice with global access.

About SWS
SWS is an independent fabless custom ASIC design house providing full-service ASIC solutions from initial circuit design to IC supply for a broad range of customers in analog & mixed signal and RF markets. SWS has expertise in a broad range of PLL based timing circuits, frequency synthesis, data converters and RF front-ends. Based in Cairo, Egypt, SWS employs 25 people in engineering and has marketing offices in San Francisco, California.

About Discera
Discera is a fabless analog semiconductor company that offers tiny, high performance silicon resonators for the frequency and timing control markets. These resonators act as the heartbeat or pulse for a variety of devices from consumer products such as cameras and MP3 players to specialized equipment for the military. The company’s PureSilicon(TM) resonator technology is a fundamental building block that offers, according to Semico Research, “a better mousetrap” for creating fully integrated, low cost, small form factor wireline and wireless products, such as oscillators, filters, and RF components. Unlike crystal based oscillators, Discera’s PureSilicon(TM) based CMOS oscillators can be integrated into other CMOS based circuits. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in San Jose, California, Discera is a privately held company with investments from Ardesta, Partech, 3i, Qualcomm Ventures, Horizon Ventures, and Scale Ventures.