TerraWave Unveils Wi-Fi Enclosures for Hazardous, Extreme Environment

TerraWave Solutions, a division of TESSCO Technologies Incorporated (Nasdaq:TESS), announced the availability of indoor and outdoor enclosures for hazardous locations where critical health and safety standards apply. These durable enclosures are designed to house the Cisco 1200 and 1500 series access point and other wireless products.

TerraWave is an authorized Cisco Solutions Technology Integrator (STI). The hazardous environment NEMAs will be on display during Networkers at Cisco Live, July 26 – 27, booth #744.

TerraWave’s enclosures are awaiting CSA International certification for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATX), compliant in Class 1 Div. 1 hazardous locations, as well as less restrictive environments. The enclosures securely seal or use purging systems to help enable the deployment of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network in areas that may have been off-limits for RF technologies due to stringent regulatory control of potential flames or sparks.

“There is a real need for wireless connectivity in Class 1 Division 1 locations and RF radios alone cannot meet the stringent standards that apply,” said Carter Burke, TerraWave Solutions Business Unit Leader. “Today oil rigs, refineries, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants and other potentially hazardous locations can extend the wireless network into locations that were previously unreachable due to strict requirements. These specialized enclosures truly allow RF technology to go where it has never gone before.”

With the development of specially designed NEMA enclosures, even the most potentially hazardous working locations can deploy 802.11 wireless networking technologies, extend the network and increase workplace productivity.

TerraWave manufactures an 18″X12″X 8″ protective enclosure for the Cisco 1200 Series wireless products, an 18″X12″X 8″ protective enclosure for the Cisco 1500 Series wireless products and an 18″X12″X 8″ protective enclosure that can accommodate other wireless products or control stations, meters, relays, starters, circuit breakers, terminal blocks and other equipment or devices that are located in potentially hazardous environments where sources of ignition must be fully contained. Protective enclosures include the enclosure, Pro Series Mounting Bracket, two explosion proof antenna fittings, and two Jumpers (RPSMA Plug to N-Style Plug). Cisco access points (APs) can be purchased and integrated by TerraWave or purchased separately.

Additionally, TerraWave offers a 24″X16″X 8″ purging enclosure for the Cisco 1200 and 1500 Series wireless products. Unlike the protective enclosures that seal the access points within, pressurization or purging systems operate on a supply of compressed instrument air or inert gas. The units regulate and monitor pressure within the sealed enclosures in order to prevent the accumulation of combustible dust or flammable gas.

About TerraWave Solutions
TerraWave Solutions is the Wi-Fi/WLAN division of TESSCO Technologies. Focusing on 802.11 and enterprise mobility solutions, TerraWave manufactures, integrates and supplies Wireless LAN components based on the unique requirements of every client. TerraWave’s goal is to provide clients with custom Wi-Fi solutions that address every aspect of wireless LAN deployment in the enterprise. TerraWave’s wireless networking knowledge and comprehensive line of leading-edge products means clients receive complete solutions to deploy, manage and help secure wireless networks.

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