Harker Systems to Bring Creative Thinking to Cambridge Engineering

Harleston based engineering design consultancy, Harker Systems, has set its sights on being one of the first UK mechanical and electro-mechanical design consultancies to offer a truly creative experience for its clients. Established by Ben Harker, Harker Systems provides engineering design and R&D services to a broad range of companies across the Eastern region. Expert in 3D design, system automation and 3D CAD, Harker Systems’ projects have ranged from modelling the Millennium Bridge to safety equipment for the transport industry.

“I like to think that we are more than just a design consultancy,” said Harker. “We go the extra mile to explore the limits of a range of ideas in order to find the one that is most eloquent and effective. It’s this creative and inquisitive approach that makes us who we are. With a broad knowledge of modern materials, mechanics, electronics and design software, we are well positioned to find new approaches to design problems and to create something truly innovative, something that will make a difference.”

With a background in marine engineering and naval architecture, Harker first struck out on his own providing 3D computer visualisation services to top London architects such as Norman Foster, creating virtual models of their building designs. His business then developed into mechanical design with the creation of display equipment for shops such as HMV. As the designs became more complex and started to need elements of control and automation, the business further developed to offer electro-mechanical design; from interactive exhibition equipment to wireless crack monitoring technology for structural engineers.

“We’ve come a long way and we have a lot of experience behind us now,” said Harker. “One of the keys to a good design is communication; we listen very carefully to our clients’ needs. Once we are sure we fully understand the problem, we take a creative approach to developing the very best real world solution. Manufacturers need to innovate in order to succeed commercially, so our focus is always on delivering a solution that will have a positive commercial impact on our clients’ businesses.

Harker Systems have 17 years of experience using 3D CAD systems such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor and Rhino. The company can also undertake micro-controller based electronic designs using a broad range of sensor and actuator technologies and can provide control and system automation development using software such as National Instruments LabVIEW and RealBASIC.

“Our automation projects have ranged from test rigs for quality inspection purposes to active exhibition displays,” said Harker. “This is a side of the business we expect to see grow as there are so few companies that can manage both the mechanical and the electronic control aspects of these often complex systems.”