Energi Brands CD, DVD Duplication Service for Cambridge-DMR

Technical marketing company Energi have announced that they have been working to create the brand of a new CD and DVD duplication and packaging service that is set to provide engineering, scientific and business software developers with a one stop shop for the creation of professional software based products.

Cambridge-DMR (Digital Media Reproduction) provides complete CD and DVD duplication, printing and packaging services to companies in the software and biotech sector, creative arts, engineering and educational sector and has established itself as a leading provider of high quality digital media reproduction services.

“This has been an exciting project for us,” said Richard Blackburn, Managing Director of Energi. “It’s always good to work with companies that are at the top of their game. Cambridge-DMR is working with the very latest CD duplication and digital printing technology and provides a very professional level of service to its clients. In many ways it’s been easy to develop the brand and establish a positive market position as they are so good at what they do.”

In addition to brand development, Energi also undertook the design of the new Cambridge-DMR website and is currently providing PR and web search optimisation services. Energi specialises in working with companies that sell into the worldwide technical market and also provides technical sales training and event management services.

“We chose Energi because we’d seen the way Energi work,” said Philip Allingham, Sales Manager at Cambridge-DMR. “We felt sure that they understood our target market better than most and had the necessary skills and experience to help us deliver the result we are looking to achieve. We have been very pleased with their approach and have already started to attract important new clients as a result of work that they have done.”

Cambridge DMR is a service that has been spun out from Cambridge technology company Copytrax. Copytrax is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of CD and DVD printing technology. For many years Copytrax has been providing CD and DVD duplication services to a broad range of industries as a way of providing valuable input to the technology development side of the company and for the testing of new equipment. It is the success of this side of the company that initiated the formation of Cambridge-DMR.

Cambridge DMR will also be pioneering the use of Flash Drives for the storage of promotional material and software products. They are now able to provide a range of Flash Drive designs with company and product logo’s printed on the side for events such as seminars, exhibitions and conferences. Flash Drives are increasingly proving to be an effective media for sharing data as they are easier to carry and handle than CD’s and DVD’s and offer more advantages from a marketing and branding perspective.

“Whether it’s a technical presentation, a training course or even evaluation software, Flash Drive media is now an innovative and cost effective option,” said Richard Blackburn of Energi. “When Cambridge-DMR duplicate data onto the Flash Drive, they can secure it in a protected area of memory, ensuring that it cannot be deleted or written over and also leaving the remaining memory available to the user. One of our key objectives is to help Cambridge-DMR lead the way in the emerging market for Flash Drive duplication services.”

About Energi
Energi Technical Limited are experts in the marketing of engineering and technology. With many years experience in technical sales and marketing, Energi helps hi-tech companies and engineering companies turn their skills and technology into sustainable revenue. Energi is able to provide marketing consultancy, brand development, web design, press relations services, editorial creation and placement and technical sales training. Energi have a solid record of helping clients achieve revenue growth and improved market position.

About Cambridge DMR
With over 10 years’ experience, C-DMR is a leader in the project management of digital media production with success based on the highest levels of service and quality available within the industry. In addition to this, C-DMR is a part of Copytrax, a world leader in the development of CD and DVD duplication and printing technology, enabling C-DMR to benefit from the most up to date technology available worldwide.

About Copytrax
Copytrax is a world leader in the development, manufacture and supply of automated equipment for the duplication and printing of CD´s, DVD´s, HDVD´s and Flash Drives. Copytrax´s broad range of equipment addresses the needs of both small-scale specialist production as well as high volume industrial manufacturers of digital media products. Copytrax is also a leader in the development of bespoke systems with over 60-man years of experience in developing duplication and printing systems for digital media.