Carbon Design Announces Tenison Migration Program for VTOC Products

Carbon Design Systems, the leading supplier of tools for the automatic creation, validation and deployment of virtual hardware models, announced a program to offer customers of Tenison Design Automation’s VTOC products an easy migration path to Carbon’s family of model generation solutions.

The Tenison Migration Program is a limited-time offer that includes free use of Carbon’s tools, custom integration software, and tailored services to speed the migration in exchange for signing on with Carbon. The program runs now through October 31, 2007.

“Our migration program is designed to give Tenison’s customers piece of mind that they will have a fully supported solution to continuously meet their design needs,” remarks Scott Seaton, Carbon’s vice president of sales. “We’ve previously been successful in migrating multiple Tenison customer’s to Carbon in a couple weeks each.”

Carbon’s model generation solutions rapidly accelerate the development of models used in the development of firmware. Carbon’s solutions compile Verilog(R), VHDL and mixed-language register transfer level (RTL) designs into high-speed, cycle-accurate virtual hardware models. These models link directly into SystemC(TM) or virtual platform environments like ARM’s SoC Designer and CoWare’s Platform Architect and enable accurate architectural tradeoffs and the development of firmware, driver and diagnostic code well in advance of silicon.

About Carbon Design Systems
Carbon is the leading supplier of system-level tools to automatically create, validate and deploy software models generated from Verilog and/or VHDL descriptions. Carbon’s models are used in conjunction with SystemC simulation platforms to enable architecture profiling and software validation in parallel with hardware development. Problems can be found and resolved early in the design cycle, rather than waiting for prototypes to be built or silicon to be delivered. Its solutions are based on open industry standards, including SystemC, SCML, Verilog, VHDL, OSCI TLM, MDI, CASI, CADI and CAPI. Carbon’s customers are systems, semiconductor, and IP companies that focus on communications, networking, and consumer electronics. Carbon is headquartered at 375 Totten Pond Road, Waltham, Mass., 02451. Telephone: (781) 890-1500. Facsimile: (781) 890-1711. Email:,, or