Innovative Silicon Joins Cadence Design OpenChoice IP Program

Innovative Silicon (ISi), the developer of Z-RAM(R) ultra-dense memory intellectual property (IP), announced that it has joined the Cadence Design Systems Inc. OpenChoice IP Program. The program is designed to ease the process of integrating IP, such as ISI’s Z-RAM, into SoC designs.

“ISi’s Z-RAM provides SoC designers with speed, density and power advantages that aren’t available with other memory solutions,” said Michael Horne, group director of IP & EDA Alliances, at Cadence. “We truly see the advantage of integrating this IP solution into our common customers’ designs, particularly as they head to 65-nanometer-and-below SOI implementations. Accordingly, we welcome ISi and its Z-RAM memory technology into our OpenChoice IP Program.”

“ISi recognizes that links to leading EDA tools are just as important as delivering a world-class memory technology,” said Jeff Lewis, VP of Marketing at ISi. “We recognize Cadence as a leader in its market space, and we are delighted to be joining the Cadence OpenChoice IP Program at this time.”

About the Cadence OpenChoice IP Program
Since the OpenChoice IP Program’s inception in 2004, more than 35 quality IP providers have signed up to offer customers the latest technologies in both verification and design IP, optimized for Cadence flows. The Cadence OpenChoice IP Program promotes the offerings of Cadence IP partners who build, validate, and deliver accurate models optimized for Cadence design and verification solutions. The program enhances IP quality and provides the semiconductor industry with access to optimized IP through a complete IP catalog. This optimizes the electronics-design chain and accelerates customer time to market.

About Innovative Silicon
Innovative Silicon Inc. (ISi) delivers ultra-high density memory IP for embedded SoC, MPU and portable consumer applications requiring low power, high density and high speed. Endorsed by IEEE Spectrum Magazine in January 2007 as the ‘winning’ semiconductor technology, and again in April 2007 by winning its ACE award for Emerging Technology, ISi’s Z-RAM(R) memory offers up to twice the density of embedded DRAM and is up to five times denser than embedded SRAM. The company closed its first round of VC funding in 2003, completed its first 90nm megabit Z-RAM memory designs in 2004, its first 65nm designs in 2005 and its first 45nm designs in 2006. With more than 20 patents already granted, Z-RAM(R)’s unique single-transistor architecture is the world’s lowest cost semiconductor memory solution. The company is incorporated in the USA with R&D in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Z-RAM is a registered trademark of Innovative Silicon Inc.