Evans Data Reports Nokia Leads in Worldwide Development

More wireless developers worldwide plan to support Nokia platforms than any other brand, according to Evans Data’s new Wireless Development Survey to be released to subscribers this week. Nokia’s established European presence dominates that market and it has now also emerged as the leading target for developers in the Asia-Pacific region. Motorola is the most supported brand in North America.

“Nokia has been diligent in using market information to focus on developers, and has put together a world-class developer program with its Forum Nokia organization,” said John Andrews, President and CEO of Evans Data. “This has been crucial in solidifying their developer base in Europe and successfully developing markets in Asia. These results show that their efforts are paying off.”

“We are pleased that these latest findings from Evans Data have validated Nokia’s commitment to creating exciting business opportunities for developers worldwide and demonstrate our success in providing assets developers need to create innovative applications and services and make them widely available through multiple channels,” stated Lee Epting, Vice President, Forum Nokia.

Other findings in this comprehensive survey of almost 400 developers worldwide include:

  • Sixty-four percent of wireless developers worldwide are creating some open source applications. Across all regions 55% are writing OSS apps, with 71% in North America.
  • Half of developers worldwide use location based information. This is true in all regions except Latin America, where only a third of developers use location based information.
  • The application runtime environment is the dominant factor in target platform selection. This was selected by more than twice as many developers as the next most important factor – operating system.

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