BSQUARE Rolls Out SchemaBSP 6.0 for Creating Windows Embedded CE BSP

BSQUARE (Nasdaq:BSQR) is now shipping version 6.0 of SchemaBSP, a development tool for creating Windows(R) Embedded CE Board Support Packages (BSPs) for ARM-based processors. When used with the Microsoft(R) Platform Builder tool, SchemaBSP enables developers to quickly and easily configure BSP source code for an embedded hardware design, reducing board bring-up time by up to 40%. The product now contains over 250 configurable Windows CE software components, including boot loaders, OEM Adaptation Layer (OAL) components, system modules, and device drivers. Drivers are available for Marvell 3xx, 270, and 2xx applications processors, as well as for Intel(R) IOP3xx I/O Processors.

“SchemaBSP creates an abstraction layer, so an engineer doesn’t need to spend time digging into the complexity of every Windows CE system-level software component and driver,” said Brian Crowley, president and CEO of BSQUARE. “The tool makes it very quick and easy for an engineering team to develop and then maintain system-level software for an embedded device. Our customers tell us that SchemaBSP provides a distinct time-to-market advantage.”

“We’re looking forward to receiving SchemaBSP version 6.0, with its support for Windows Embedded CE 6.0,” noted Petri Ingalsuo, Project Manager at Kajaani, Finland-based Exéns Development, a current SchemaBSP customer. “SchemaBSP is a great tool, and we plan to use it for all our future Windows CE-based devices that use ARM processors. Not only does it save us time and money, but it helps us better meet our customers’ needs.”

New Features in Version 6.0
New features available in version 6.0 of SchemaBSP include:

  • Support for Marvell PXA3xx applications processors. SchemaBSP provides complete Windows CE Embedded 6.0 system software for the new Marvell PXA3xx applications processor family, resulting in major reductions in development time. For example, a handset OEM using the PXA320 for a high-end, multimedia cell phone or a GPS OEM choosing the PXA300 for a personal navigation device will find that SchemaBSP’s production-quality configurable source code helps them get their devices to market much faster than they could before.
  • Support for the Intel(R) IOP341 and IOP342 I/O Processors. SchemaBSP provides complete Windows CE Embedded 6.0 system software for the Intel(R) IOP341 and IOP342 I/O Processors, which are used to build embedded devices such as Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliances.
  • Support for booting Windows CE from NAND Memory. Increasing sophistication of processors such as the PXA3xx family has enabled developers to boot devices’ embedded operating systems from NAND memory, which has become a popular memory choice for embedded developers. SchemaBSP provides configurable source code for booting from NAND memory — and it also supports vendor-specific solutions, such as the SanDisk mDOC H3.

SchemaBSP version 6.0 is available now. Email to request a demo or quote. Current SchemaBSP customers will receive version 6.0 as part of their maintenance contracts.

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