Measurement Computing Unveils Two 8-channel USB Analog Input Devices

Measurement Computing Corporation, a market leader in low-cost data acquisition, announced the release of two new 8-channel USB analog input devices, the USB-TC-AI and the USB-TEMP-AI, which feature four differential temperature inputs, and four differential or single-ended voltage inputs with programmable gain. These new products are modeled after MCC’s highly successful USB-TC and USB-TEMP products, which have all eight input channels configured for temperature.

“These new ‘AI’ versions of our USB-TC and TEMP products fill a gap in the test and measurement community for accurate temperature and voltage measurements on a single USB device,” explained Jim Ficaro, Measurement Computing’s marketing director, “Flexibility and high performance at a good price.”

Measurement Computing USB-TC-AI and USB-TEMP-AI USB analog input devicesThe USB-TC-AI temperature channels support J, K, R, S, T, N, E, and B type thermocouples. The input ranges for the four voltage channels are software programmable for ±10 V, ±5 V, ±2.5 V, ±1.25 V.

The USB-TEMP-AI supports the same thermocouple types as the USB-TC-AI, plus RTDs, thermistors, and semiconductor temperature sensors, and has the same voltage input ranges.

The USB-TC-AI and the USB-TEMP-AI are USB 2.0 full-speed, modules supported under current popular Microsoft(R) Windows(R) operating systems, and are both fully compatible with both USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 ports. Separate, 24-bit analog-to-digital (A/D) converters are provided for each pair of analog inputs. And, both devices, in addition to the temperature and voltage input capabilities, provide eight independent, TTL-compatible digital I/O channels to monitor TTL-level inputs, communicate with external devices, and to generate alarms. The digital I/O channels are software programmable for either input or output.

Both the USB-TC-AI and USB-TEMP-AI have an integrated cold junction compensation (CJC) sensor for thermocouple measurements. The USB-TEMP-AI also has built-in current excitation sources for resistive sensor measurements.

The USB-TC-AI and USB-TEMP-AI ship with an impressive array of software included in the MCC DAQ Software CD. The disk includes out-of-the-box applications, drivers, and libraries that meet the needs of programmers and nonprogrammers alike.

About Measurement Computing Corp.
Measurement Computing Corporation is the data acquisition market leader in the design and manufacture of low-priced, computer-based, test and measurement hardware and software. They offer a broad selection of hardware products for analog input, analog output, and digital I/O, supporting USB, wireless, Ethernet, PCI, ISA , PCMCIA, and PC/104 buses, plus serial and GPIB interface products, and a growing line of remote data loggers. They also offer software solutions for the programmer and non-programmer alike, with drivers for popular graphical programming languages such as LabVIEW. Measurement Computing was founded in 1989, and markets its products throughout the world.