SDC Systems Announces Embedded BIOS with StrongFrame Technology

SDC Systems have announced the release of General Software’s Embedded BIOS(R) with StrongFrame(TM) Technology, a new version of their Embedded BIOS product that is used extensively in products such as kiosks, point of sale (POS) devices, medical equipment, gaming systems, test equipment, and avionics products including flight management systems and flight data recorders.

Embedded BIOS(R) with StrongFrame(TM) Technology from General Software offers embedded engineers exceptional configuration flexibility, powerful deployment tools and excellent compatibility with x86 industry standards, providing a fast, low risk approach to x86 based development. With the new release, General Software has sought to bring the many elements of the extensive BIOS support into a structured framework, enabling engineers to easily and efficiently configure the necessary libraries and functionality that they need for a new x86 board design. Over the coming months General Software will introduce pre-configured versions of EBSF that will address the needs of specific industry applications, such as software security in gaming systems, to further reduce the time needed to get a new product design to market.

“It’s an exciting step forward,” said Stuart Parker of SDC Systems. “The new StrongFrame technology will help engineers get the full benefit of the extensive Embedded BIOS libraries that have been developed over the years. Whether it’s a short boot up time, tight software security or custom self-test that is required, engineers will be able configure exactly what they need much more easily than before. BIOS developers can produce working prototypes in days, and finish deployments in weeks, thanks to the new core’s configuration management that uses intuitive descriptive methods and procedures to build the BIOS image rather than assembly language directives that have been the standard approach to-date.”

While assembly code is still used for fine detailed control over the configuration, objects like ACPI, MP, and PCI tables are automatically constructed, as are Setup screens and their fields, based on descriptions of the target entered by the developer. With much less assembly code to control, OEM customers can achieve results much earlier in the development process while at the same time reduce the amount of BIOS code that must be adapted manually. Being able to develop at the functional module level rather than at code level for individual components, it greatly simplifies and shortens the system validation stage of the project.

SDC Systems has been supplying and supporting General Software’s BIOS products for several years and its customers include some of Europe’s major x86 board developers.

“The Embedded BIOS product is one of our most successful product lines,” said Stuart. “It’s proven to be a well constructed and equally well supported product, enabling it to make a real difference to our customers developing x86 based products. We’ve seen several repeat orders for new projects, which demonstrates our customers’ confidence in Embedded BIOS and in us as their supplier.”

More information on Embedded BIOS(R) with StrongFrame(TM) Technology is available on SDC’s website. SDC Systems is able to provide consultancy and engineering services to assist in BIOS development issues as required.

About SDC Systems
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