ZiLOG Rolls Out AcclaimPlus! ASSP for Connectivity Anytime, Anywhere

ZiLOG(R), Inc. (Nasdaq: ZILG), a leading provider of 8 and 16-bit integrated flash microcontrollers (MCUs), universal remote control solutions, and 32-bit ARM- based, application specific standard products (ASSPs) for the secured transactions market rolled out AcclaimPlus!(TM), a new connectivity ASSP that improves time-to-market and provides design engineers with 16-bit performance in an 8-bit footprint. AcclaimPlus! is a high performance, system-on-a chip (SoC) that provides an easy-to-implement, embedded drop-in Ethernet capability that can quickly turn any device into a connectivity solution. Backward-compatible with the company’s award-winning eZ80Acclaim! family of 8-bit MCUs, AcclaimPlus! delivers a substantial increase in performance over the earlier generation.

In today’s Web 2.0 world, business people and consumers alike expect connectivity anytime, anywhere and on any device. Consequently, Ethernet connectivity is fast becoming a requirement on a wide variety of applications, including remote control networking, mobile point-of-sales terminals, vending machines, security systems and medical instrumentation, as well as networked industrial and automotive applications.

“When we first introduced our Acclaim! family of connectivity ASSPs, we were ahead of the market,” commented Darin Billerbeck, president and CEO of ZiLOG. “Now, at a time when connectivity is becoming increasingly ubiquitous in a wide variety of electronic devices and applications, our new second generation series, the AcclaimPlus!, offers the embedded design engineering community one of the most complete SoC connectivity solutions on the market today. Timing and need appear to be right and the feedback from customers has been very positive,” added Billerbeck.

The AcclaimPlus! ASSP provides a complete, time-to-market connectivity solution stack, including the application-specific silicon, software stack, real time operation system (RTOS) and TCP/IP stack. In addition, AccliamPlus! development tools enable engineers to quickly design and bring to market network control solutions for local area, wide area or personal area networks.

About AcclaimPlus!
The AcclaimPlus! ASSP features a 50 MHz CPU core, 24-bit addressing and 10/100 Ethernet MAC. It comes with a next-generation embedded internet software suite, including an updated TCP/IP stack, RTOS and support for USB 2.0 and PPoE and up to 256 KB of flash memory and 16 KB of SRAM. The upgraded RTOS features up to 32 priority levels and a reprioritization-at-run-time capability and inter-thread communications and synchronization options. ZiLOG’s new offering also features RZK and ZTP enhancements that deliver a double digit code density improvement over the previous versions, leading to faster program execution and smaller memory space requirements.

Since AcclaimPlus! is backward compatible with eZ80Acclaim!, developers can use the existing development kits, which contain everything needed to quickly and easily develop, debug and compile designs, including a full development platform, module (depending on your requirement), USB and Ethernet smart cables, universal power supplies, CD-ROM documentation, ZDSII version 4.11 IDE, an ANSI C-compiler and sample software projects.

ZiLOG’s ZDOTS are compact, high-performance single-board computers (SBCs) specially designed for the rapid development and deployment of embedded systems. ZDOTS can be a quick development solution in embedded proof of concepts, provides easy design flexibility, and can even be dropped into production-level systems for faster time to market. ZiLOG is introducing the ZDOTS program as part of the ez80AcclaimPlus! launch.

AcclaimPlus! and ZDOTS are available now.

About ZiLOG, Inc.
Founded in 1974, ZiLOG is a global supplier of 8, 16 and 32-bit microcontroller and microprocessor “system-on-a-chip” (SoC) solutions that allow design engineers the freedom and creativity required for continued innovation in embedded design. The company won international acclaim for designing one of the first architectures in the microprocessors and microcontrollers industry. Today, ZiLOG designs, develops and markets a broad portfolio of devices for embedded control and communication applications used in consumer electronics, home appliances, security systems, point of sales terminals, personal computer peripherals, as well as industrial and automotive applications. ZiLOG is headquartered in San Jose, California, and employs approximately 500 people worldwide with sales offices throughout Asia, Europe and North America.

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