Squire SVI_MGC SS7 Media Gateway Controller Powers Cisco Gateway

Squire Technologies Ltd, provider of carrier-grade SS7 and VoIP signalling technology, has announced the development of the software only SVI_MGC SS7 Media Gateway Controller with full support for Cisco SS7 over IP signalling. Building on the success of the globally deployed SVI_MGC, Squire now offers customers full SS7 interconnect on incumbent Cisco gateway networks in a software only solution. This is a more cost-effective alternative to the PGW2200 and other options available to network operators looking to migrate call traffic to SS7 through Cisco gateways.

As a software only solution, this new media gateway controller development delivers to the customer all the benefits of a carrier-grade solution without requiring the level of investment or effort that a physical switch would demand. Many network operators with incumbent Cisco gateway architecture will find this product provides all necessary functionality and quality of service, while offering full support for many SS7 variants. In addition to full compliance with Cisco gateways (AS5350 and AS5400 Series), the SVI_MGC supports a stable of 3rd party media gateways (Audiocodes, Lucent, etc) enabling best-of-breed network development.

Squire’s innovative R&D team identified that many of the company’s customers would welcome a viable alternative to the SS7 interconnect provided by the PGW2200 or a signalling gateway on networks made up of a variety of Cisco media gateways. Cisco media gateways do not support standard SS7 over IP technology (SIGTRAN) but use other protocols to provide similar functionality. The majority of 3rd party media gateway controllers do not support this alternative to SIGTRAN therefore requiring the additional expense of using a signalling gateway. Now supporting Cisco SS7 over IP the SVI_MGC provides full integration with Cisco gateways.

Squire Technologies is offering a three month new product discount on any deployment of the Cisco SS7 over IP, software-only SVI_MGC.

About Squire Technologies
Established in 2001, Squire Technologies Ltd has experienced rapid year-on-year growth by providing carrier-grade telecoms products and services to the telecommunication industry worldwide, with deployments in more than 50 countries. First launching as an SS7 consultancy that built custom products from best of breed hardware, Squire Technologies quickly began to use this expertise to build and deliver carrier grade SS7-based signaling products. This shift in focus evolved, and today Squire Technologies provides a wide range of SS7 products – protocol converters, gateways and an extensive range of VoIP products including Gateways, Media Gateway Controller, and SoftSwitches.