INTER ACTION Invests in Teseda

Teseda Corporation, leading providers of comprehensive scan based diagnostic and debug solutions for high yield silicon production, are pleased to announce a $1.2 million strategic investment from INTER ACTION Corporation in Japan. “This new funding allows us to continue developing new products to improve yields and time to market,” said Armagan Akar, CEO of Teseda. “Our first two quarters in FY07 have been a significant delivery period for products and continued customer satisfaction.”

“The INTER ACTION and Teseda synergy of products permits the continued growth of both of our businesses” said Masao Kimura, President and CEO of INTER ACTION Corporation. “With its new products, Teseda is on track to change the structural test arena and we are excited to be included in the momentum.” INTER ACTION is the highest worldwide market share manufacturer of SOC, CMOS, and CCD Imagers for testing.

About Teseda Corporation
Teseda’s software solutions deliver comprehensive diagnostic and debug capabilities enabling shorter time to volume production of silicon and shorter time to find yield-limiting failures. The Teseda multi-purpose software is utilized during all stages of the silicon life cycle; design and test program validation through production ramp up to failure analysis. Teseda’s software environment is adaptable to run on desktop engineering testers and large production equipment simultaneously. We offer neutrality to work with multiple EDA/ATE systems for increased return on investment for current equipment. Teseda is headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

About INTER ACTION Corporation
INTER ACTION is a Japanese public company (listed on Mothers, Tokyo Stock Exchange Market) that develops and manufactures illuminators for testing, CCD and SOC CMOS Imagers, having more than 60% worldwide market share in this field.