Verigy Unveils V5000ep Memory Test Solution for Small Lot Production

Verigy (NASDAQ:VRGY), a premier semiconductor test company, introduced the Verigy V5000ep which allows customers to perform quality assurance, characterization and small lot production at wafer sort and final test on new memory devices. While supporting the full spectrum of memory devices, including NOR, NAND, DRAM, SRAM, memory cards and multi-chip packages (MCP), the V5000ep is a fraction of the cost of full-size production systems, with a much smaller footprint.

Manufacturers have to run thousands of parts to fully characterize a device before moving to high-volume production. Until now, this occurred manually on the V5000e engineering work station, or a production tester had to be taken off-line and assigned to this task.

“This solution bridges the gap between an engineering workstation and high-volume production test,” said Gayn Erickson, vice president and general manager, Memory Test Solutions, Verigy. “Now our V5000e can be automated through integration to a prober or handler, utilizing our patented Matrix technology for small lot or high-mix/low-volume production. Everything from characterization and quality assurance to wafer sort and final test can be performed quickly and cost effectively, accelerating time to market.”

The V5000ep dramatically accelerates small lot production. For example, what used to require a week of operator time for testing 1,000 sample units, can be completed with this automated solution in as little as seven hours. The production solution is extremely cost effective for high-mix, low-volume production. Its smaller footprint, lower cost and greater flexibility make it a sensible choice over using a valuable full-scale production tester from the manufacturing floor. The V5000ep also supports use with thermal environmental chambers for both extreme hot and cold characterization testing, expanding its usability for characterization.

Standard Platform for Rapid Integration with Handler or Prober
Through a standard integration kit, the Verigy V5000ep interfaces easily to a prober or handler, for automation at both wafer sort and final test. By integrating the Matrix, pin count of the base V5000e test system is extended from 128 to 768 tester resource pins. This allows the testing of higher pin count memory devices, or the higher parallel testing of low pin-count devices. As a result, the solution is flexible enough to address current and emerging test methodologies for characterization and small lot production. Because it is built on the existing V5000e platform, all test programs and test processes can be reused across the V5000e engineering development station, the V5000ep, as well as the high-volume production environment of the V5500 saving development time and resources.

Multi-chip packaged parts (MCPs) are often run through a series of tests, testing the different die in the package separately. The Matrix allows the tester to automatically shift resources from pin to pin without manual reinsertion, which shortens overall test times and also lowers the amount of manual intervention required. This feature is invaluable when testing MCP devices since tester resources can be moved from one die to the next — when devices are tested serially — without requiring manual reinsertion of the device under test (DUT). For lengthy program and erase steps, tester resources can be fanned out in parallel automatically and then switched back to serial mode for read tests.

The V5000e engineering work station has been used for test development for the full spectrum of memory devices in an office environment for years. In 2005, the Programmable Interface Matrix (“Matrix”) was introduced for Verigy’s V5500 production test system, achieving the highest possible parallelism for testing discrete memory devices, along with the industry’s first true high utilization, single-insertion final test solution for multi-memory devices. In early 2007, the V5000e was combined with the Matrix specifically to address the test development and debugging environment. The V5000ep adds an affordable solution for characterization and low-volume production prior to full-scale production.

Pricing and Availability
The Verigy V5000ep is available now, and is priced starting under $290,000.

About Verigy
Verigy designs, develops, manufactures, sells and services advanced test systems and solutions for the memory and system-on-chip segments of the semiconductor industry. Verigy’s scalable platform systems are used by leading semiconductor companies worldwide in design validation, characterization, and high volume manufacturing test. Formerly part of Agilent Technologies, the company began doing business as Verigy on June 1, 2006, and completed its initial public offering on June 13, 2006.