Teseda Launches SecureXY Powerful Yield-Enhancement Tool

Teseda Corporation, a leading provider of comprehensive scan-based diagnostic and debug solutions for high yield silicon production, is now shipping the SecureXY product. SecureXY, a powerful yield-enhancement tool, enables the sharing and analysis of pertinent failure information in the physical domain without compromising the design IP.

SecureXY works in conjunction with ScanXY, the first tool in the Diagnostic Manager Suite. ScanXY takes scan failure information and design information and is able to present failure data in a Physical die view showing failing scan cells, failing scan chains, and XY location data. SecureXY is able to take the ScanXY data, and present it as an XY view while protecting sensitive design IP information.

SecureXY was developed so that companies can provide key failure analysis information to their device manufacturers without compromising the integrity of the IP of the design. The design IP is protected at varying levels that can be pre-selected by the design creators.

“Utilizing Teseda’s Diagnostic Manager Suite of products allows engineers to shave off time by identifying errors early on in the process,” said Armagan Akar, CEO of Teseda. “Early customers have already tried SecureXY and found it to be a unique differentiator that was not available anywhere else in the market. Teseda continues to innovate, providing for easier and more secure collaboration amongst teams, and at significantly reduced costs.”

SecureXY is the second product in Teseda’s Diagnostic Manager Tool Suite. Prices of the Diagnostic Manager tools start at $20,000.

About Teseda Corporation
Teseda provides a unifying software environment that allows multiple engineering disciplines to accelerate the delivery of first silicon. Teseda’s software solutions deliver comprehensive diagnostic and debug capabilities that resolve yield limiting failures, reducing the time to volume production. Teseda software runs on desktop engineering testers and large production equipment and supports multiple EDA/ATE systems. Teseda is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. For more information about Teseda, its products, and distribution network, please call 503-233-3315.