Simtek Unveils Extended Temperature Plastic Packaged nvSRAM

Simtek Corporation (NASDAQ:SMTK), the inventor, pioneer, and world’s leading supplier of nonvolatile static random access memory (nvSRAM) integrated circuits, introduced a new “extended temp” nvSRAM product in a low-cost plastic package to support the needs of its growing customer base in the industrial, automotive and military markets. The STK14C88-NF35U is a 256K bit (32K x 8) nvSRAM IC packaged in a plastic 32-pin surface mount package. It is available for initial orders in July.

“Qualifying our 256K design over temperature in a plastic package dramatically reduces our price point, providing a cost-effective alternative for a number of our customers who demand extended temperature ranges, but do not need expensive ceramic packaging,” said Grant Hulse, Simtek’s Vice President of Marketing. “Offering both plastic and ceramic versions of this product will allow our customers to select the best device for each particular application, ultimately helping them drive greater volumes and market acceptance,” Hulse concluded.

Simtek STK14C88-NF35U Features:

  • 256K nvSRAM
  • Fast access time of 35 nanoseconds
  • Operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C
  • 32-pin Plastic SOIC package
  • Superior endurance of 100,000 read-write cycles
  • Retention of stored data of 10 years at +125°C

Simtek STK14C88-NF35U Extended Temp Plastic Packaged nvSRAMSome applications that will benefit from this new offering include outdoor ruggedized data logging (railroad, oilfield, and outdoor factory equipment), traffic control & monitoring, industrial and military portable equipment, smart ordinance and automobiles.

10,000-unit pricing for the STK14C88-NF35U is $19.50US, with production expected to ramp in Q4, 2007.

Simtek will continue to offer their nvSRAM product families in high-temp ceramic packages. The 256K nvSRAM is also available in the 32-pin ceramic DIP and the 32-pin ceramic LCC packages over this same extended temperature range.

About Simtek Corporation
Simtek Corporation designs and markets high-speed, re-programmable, nonvolatile semiconductor memory products, for use in a variety of systems including RAID servers, storage arrays, GPS navigational systems, industrial controllers, robotics, copiers, avionics, metering, consumer, UPS, and networking and broadcast equipment. Information on Simtek products can be obtained by email: The company is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado.